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Car Waxing Singapore

No Longer Shiny

As you look at the current state of your car, you sigh with sadness and a tinge of heartbreak. After all these years, it no longer looks as good as before. While sunlight gleams off your friends’ shiny cars, it can’t even make your car glow. Rather, the blemishes, swirl marks, water spots and scratches are accentuated.

Sometimes, you really want to wax your car but you simply don’t have time! The deadline for your work is tomorrow and the thing is – you don’t really know how to do it. Instead of improving the condition of your car, you are worried that your basic waxing skills might ruin your car’s paintwork.

Have you ever felt this way? What can you do? Do you want to restore your car to its former glory?

Importance Of Car Waxing

Honestly, we think waxing is mandatory for every car and reapplying that wax is even more important. Why is that so?

Being one of the most common car grooming services offered, waxing provides that gloss and shine that every car owner yearns for. It does not only have an aesthetic function but also a protective purpose.

Waxing protects your car from scratches, as the clear wax coat will seal the paint in and shield your car’s paintwork against the elements such as bird droppings, UV light, dirt, gravel and sand. It also creates a barrier between the paint and the external environment.

The cost of vehicle repairs these days is very expensive, especially in Singapore. To minimise that, car waxing is one possible solution. If your car is maintained well, less money is needed to repair and restore it to its original state.

Waxing protects your car in many ways. Most importantly, you don’t have to reapply it every week, you only need to re-wax about 4 times per year. Durable, isn’t it?

The Process Of Car Waxing

Applying wax to your car requires proper equipment, quality products and correct techniques.

Similar to car polishing, buffing is first carried out to scratched surfaces as it strips away a layer of paint and exposes the fresh paint underneath. Either buffing compounds or car polish can be used.

Car wax is then applied using a clean buffer pad. It is spread evenly to give the surface a great finish when the whole process is completed. It will look as good as new after this detailing process!

We Want Your Car To Shine

As car lovers, we love to see dull-looking cars become shiny and gleaming again after our car pampering sessions. We love it even more when our satisfied customers drive home proudly in their showroom-worthy cars. With tons of experience, our pro car groomers provide the best service that they can offer. We don’t mean to boast but our team is knowledgeable in car care, dedicated and also hardworking.

If you have any queries, do not be afraid to voice them out. Any requests about your car can be conveyed to us and our friendly customer service will tend to your requests.

We don’t want you to end up hurt after DIY waxing with improper methods or techniques. You might even end up damaging your car further.

Car Grooming Xpert uses the best equipment and grooming products, so you need not worry about additional scratches or swirl marks. On the contrary, your car’s condition will be tremendously improved by us.

With our expertise, we ensure that after waxing, your car is not just glossy and shiny, it also feels slick and smooth to touch. Additionally, you can be sure that you car is now protected from the harsh elements by this protective shield.

Waxing For Protection & Looks

So what are you waiting for? Your car wants to be waxed so it can make you proud! Just call us up and book a time to get that glossy finish and long-lasting protection for your car.

Can’t come to us? We can go to you! So remember to contact us and give your car that impeccable finish it deserves!

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