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Car Paint Protection Singapore

First impressions are important. For cars, the first impression normally stems from their paintwork. Every car owner wants his car to be scratch free and fully protected from harmful elements such as ultraviolet rays, bird droppings, tree sap and gravel. All drivers love driving shiny cars so that they can proudly show off to their friends and relatives.

Damages To Car’s Paintwork

However, some damages are often unavoidable – stonechips, UV damage, marring and staining. Even when your car is stationary, bird droppings can just fall from the sky and splatter onto your car. If left alone, the uric acid in the bird droppings can corrode your car bodywork. Improper wiping can also leave swirl marks and/or light scratches on the paintwork.

Unfortunately, to prevent all these, you can only leave your car at home – away from all these harsh elements and contaminants. Even then, you might not be able to shield your car from all kinds of “danger”. Not to mention that this method is ridiculously impractical.

Why did you buy your car in the first place then? It is meant to be driven!

Thus, your car needs a higher level of protection to defend itself from all these attacks.

The Benefits Of Car Paint Protection

We all know about car waxing. Car wax is just a sacrificial layer, though. We now recommend a better option – car paint protection.

Just like its name suggests, this system provides extra protection by adding an extra coating to the layers of base coats, clear coats and car wax on your paintwork. This coating can be products such as paint sealant, paint protection film or nano ceramic coating.

It binds to the paint to protect it and forms a layer of coating between the base paint and the external environment, thus protecting the base paint from direct damage. It is also said to have self-healing properties. To add on to that, wax covers the topmost layer and thus double protection can be achieved when the whole process is completed.

Scratches are no longer a concern. Water beads off the car so no watermarks are formed. You can also wipe off bird droppings and grime without leaving any ugly marks on your shiny and precious car.

Although there are still doubts about the benefits of car paint protection vs car waxing as it is normally a bit pricier, it purely depends on how you see it. In the long run, it will definitely benefit you as it can last longer than car wax. You can keep your car looking newer for a longer period of time, hence minimising the need for frequent re-waxing and/or repainting.

Our Trusted Team Of Specialists

Our team of skilled car groomers offer high quality services with good workmanship. We only use high quality auto grooming products to care for your vehicle. For the immense value that we provide, all our services are affordably priced.

The knowledge and experience that we have acquired throughout all these years have equipped us well to provide the best for your automobile. You can be sure that your car is in safe hands.

Our attention to details and our passion for cars have enabled us to excel in our work. For instance, as ceramic coatings have to be applied properly to maximise its potential, it is advisable to have it done professionally.

We love satisfying our customers. We want all your worries and expectations to be attended to. Should you have any queries regarding your car care routine, we are happy to answer them so that your car can have the love and care it deserves.

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Grooming your car is not easy and that’s why Car Grooming Xpert is here to help! Instead of doing a half-baked job yourself, why not leave it to the specialists?

You can also check out our whole range of car grooming and detailing solutions here on our website. Remember, prevention is better than cure. Book an appointment with us and give your car that extra protection and irresistible shine today!

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