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Mobile Car Upholstery Cleaning Singapore

Dirty Car Seats

The upholstery of our car is equivalent to our car seats. Drinks spilling, food crumbs dropping and dust accumulating from the outside environment often cause our car seats to become grimy and stained. Not to mention our perspiration (Singapore’s hot weather!), dead skin cells and dropped hair….

In worst case scenarios, you might even feel disgusted sitting in your own car as you can feel the slime and grime on the seats.

Imagine if you were to give your friends or your boss a lift, how would you feel if your car seats are in a horrible condition? Stained fabric upholstery? Grimy leather upholstery? How would your friends or boss feel?

In Singapore, cars sell at exorbitant prices, courtesy of the COE (Certificate Of Entitlement). What’s more with high road tax, car insurance, expensive parking fees and ERP gantry fees – owning a car does not come cheap. Having spent so much already, car owners will often take good care of their big ticket item – sending it for regular check ups, cleaning and grooming it every now and then.

Time Is Scarce

However maintaining a car is not easy. It is time-consuming and requires some effort.

You tell yourself, “Okay, I will need to vacuum and shampoo my car seats this weekend!” And when the weekend is here, you are either too tired from a whole week’s work or your friends invited you out for coffee. Or you may rather spend your precious free time bonding with your kids and family.

Time, it seems, is what we often lack these days. But no matter how busy we are, for good hygiene, cleaning our car upholstery is a must.

Let Our Groomers Go To You

What if we tell you – we can clean your car upholstery for you? What’s more, we can do it right at your doorstep!

No longer do you need to leave your house and spend time bringing your car to the service station to have your car seats vacuumed and wiped down. You would not have to search for workshops that offer the cheapest service and drive all the way to the other side of the island just for that.

Our mobile car upholstery cleaning service is specifically designed for busy people like you. We bring the necessary equipment and auto grooming products to your place, and clean the interior of your car at your doorstep. All you have to do is to sit back and relax while the professionals do their job.

The whole process is similar to what we do at the car workshops. After vacuuming the seats thoroughly, we will apply car upholstery cleaner or other necessary cleaning agents to your car seats. We then wipe down the seats carefully and allow them to dry naturally. We also check to make sure no soap residue or water stains are left behind.

Your car seats will smell fresh and look great after every rejuvenating session with our reliable car groomers.

Superb Yet Affordable Solutions

At Car Grooming Xpert, our car groomers are knowledgeable, dedicated and skilful in providing various car grooming services. We also have tons of experience in this field as we have already tended to countless cars, leaving their car owners satisfied and proud of their cars.

As we’ve always stressed on customer satisfaction, our mobile car upholstery cleaning service is affordable but at the same time superior in standard. Using only proper tools and premium grooming products, we only offer the best as we want our customers to be satisfied with our work. We derive immense satisfaction whenever we see your happy faces upon receiving your cars.

Our patient personnel will answer your questions and clarify any doubts you may have. We want your experience with us to be a pleasant one. Any expectations can also be conveyed to our friendly staff so that our team can work hard to fulfil your car care requirements.

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If you have no time on your hands, no suitable equipment and lack the relevant expertise to clean your car thoroughly, call us and we will go to you!

Want something extra? In addition to cleaning your upholstery, we can apply Scotchgard to further protect your fabric upholstery from stains and water. Or help you treat and moisturise your freshly cleaned leather seats, preserving your leather and bringing back that luxurious feel again.

What are you waiting for? Call our customer service to book an appointment with us today!

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