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With our mobile car polishing service, busy car owners can now get their cars professionally polished – right at their doorstep by our reliable car groomers.
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Mobile Car Polishing Singapore

To most Singaporeans (and PRs), our car may be considered one of our biggest and most important asset. Being a big ticket item, we try our best to give it tender loving care whenever we can – washing, polishing and waxing it regularly. We want our car’s paintwork to retain its shine and marvellous appearance forever.

Unfortunately our car is constantly subjected to the elements of nature and undergoes wear and tear, causing its once glossy look to fade and become dull. When parked in the open, especially under trees, we may even get bird droppings, dead bugs and tree sap stuck on our car paint. These are chemically corrosive in nature and can cause unsightly patches on our vehicles.

As people look at the dull paint, scratches and other blemishes on our car, we tend to feel a little self-conscious. A car’s aesthetics, after all, is important in most countries including Singapore.

Not Enough Time

To restore our tired-looking car to its former glory, we can give it a good polish. However, many of us lead busy lives (think work deadlines, household chores, children’s tuition classes) and simply cannot find time to do it ourselves.

Most of us will choose the easy way out – send our car to the workshop or petrol station for polishing. Even then, we will still need to find some free time to drive our car all the way there, battling traffic jams and long queues before finally getting to the car groomers. Next, we will still have to wait patiently for the whole polishing process to finish before we can drive home in our freshly polished vehicle.

Seems like a lot of hassle, right?

Solving Your Problems

Fret not! We take into account all of your concerns. That is why we have come up with a super convenient car grooming service, specially catered to busy people like you – mobile car polishing!

How does it feel to get your car polished right at your doorstep?

Now while your car is being polished, you can stay indoors in the comfort of your home to finish up your housework or watch your favourite korean drama. Alternatively, you can get our mobile car groomers to polish your car parked near your office. Then you can drive home in your freshly polished and waxed car after you’ve knocked off.

All the polishing work can be done at your residence or office and the result will be similar to that you get at the car workshop – without any of the hassle.

The process of polishing is still the same. We will apply polishing compound to the surface of your paintwork and spread it evenly. We then use the necessary equipment to work the polish into your car paintwork through friction or heat. This will remove oxidised paint, old wax buildup and other surface contaminants, cleaning and shining your paintwork.

Additionally, the polish also works as a barrier against fine scratches. So when the whole process is completed, your vehicle will be well-protected and look as good as new.

Our Well Trained Team

Our team of car groomers are dedicated, skilful and experienced. We treat every car as if it were our own, and lavish it with the care and attention that it so deserves.

We use equipment that are suitable for your car so that it does not cause more damage to your precious car. Not only that, we use products of the best quality so that your car will have an unsurpassed shine and a superb finish.

Other than exterior polishing, we also carry out interior detailing because we believe that the car interior is as important as the exterior. Any doubts can be clarified with us as we will try our best to understand your car grooming needs and meet your expectations.

Most importantly, we offer our mobile car polishing solutions at affordable prices. We want all our customers to be satisfied with our quality services so that they can happily recommend Car Grooming Xpert to their family and friends.

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Want to mask the paint defects and blemishes covering the surface of your car, giving it a shiny and glossy finish? Search no further as Car Grooming Xpert can get the job done perfectly for you.

Simply call us to book an appointment with us. We will come to you and work on your car efficiently, and you can view the end result immediately in the comfort of your home! To know more about our other mobile services that can be done conveniently at your doorstep, feel free to browse through our website or check with our friendly staff today.

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