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Hydrographics Singapore

Can You Find Your Car?

Have you ever forgotten where you’ve parked your car in a huge carpark and spent hours wandering among countless similar looking cars? Have you ever felt that your car’s design is too bland for your liking? Do you wish to express your individuality through unique designs on your car? Wondering how your car could be customised to suit your personal taste?

Nowadays, more and more people are paying extra attention to their car’s aesthetics. Many owners want their beloved car to be an extension of their personality, hence investing much time, effort and money to do up their car creatively. To them, it is very important to differentiate their cars from the other “generic” cars on the street.

Customise Your Car!

We are sure the “finding where you’ve parked your car” problem is very common among drivers in Singapore. We are also aware of the growing demand for professional car customisation services in the local auto enthusiasts community. Now, we will introduce to you a marvellous solution – hydrographics or water transfer printing for vehicles.

With automotive hydrographics printing, you can customise how you want your car to look like – stripes, polka dots, cool patterns… You name it, we have it! For instance, if you like Hello Kitty, you can print it onto your car parts and car body through hydrographics. That way, you’ll be able to spot your car from afar.

In hydrographics, we are able to apply printed designs on the exterior panels of your car as well as the interior of your car such as the dashboard and your steering wheel. Even your engine components, intake manifolds, and transmission housings can be customised with the design of your choice! Design options range from wood grains, carbon fibres, camouflages and stone patterns. Choose from matte, semi gloss, high gloss and show finishes.

No other interior trim products can compare to water transfer printing. Unlike kits for dashboards, there are no edges to detect and no restrictions on part coverage, as long as the surface is hard and non-porous.

Hydrographics Explained

So what exactly is hydrographics? Also commonly known as immersion printing, water transfer imaging, water transfer printing, cubic printing or hydro dipping, it is simply a method of applying printed designs to three dimensional objects.

The process can be simplified as follows.

First, the material that we intend to print on is pre-treated with a special primer and a layer of base coat. For instance, this could be the rim of a wheel.

Next, a pre-printed film with the design you’ve chosen is immersed into a tub of water.

We then spray an activating chemical onto the film to dissolve it. The chemical also acts as a bonding agent. The material, which in this case is the rim of your wheel, is dipped into the tub. The ink of the design then wraps around the material, sticking to it.

Next, the material is removed and any residue is washed off.

Then we coat a protective layer of automative grade lacquer on your newly decorated material (wheel rim). This clear coat acts as a shield against chemicals and other elements which could cause damage over time.

Finally, it is left to dry. The process is now completed.

We Are Your Perfect Choice

As this process is quite complicated and requires specialised skills, tools and techniques, it is quite difficult to do it yourself. However, our team of car groomers have the expertise and equipment to do so. Our skilful experts are efficient and meticulous, delivering great results with our high quality workmanship.

Select a design that best suits you and your car from our library of highly detailed graphics and designs. Then leave it to our car experts to finish the job for you. Rest assured that we only use the best products and equipment for you car. With our high level of attention to even the finest details, you will definitely drive home a proud and satisfied owner!

Our water transfer printing service is economical, consistent and of the highest standard. This makes it an affordable alternative to airbrushing, spray painting and vinyl wrapping – without compromising on the quality of the graphic.

Reliable Service By The Pros

Don’t you feel like customising your car right now? Come and get it done by our trusted professionals today! Call us or email to book an appointment with our friendly staff.

If you want to know more about our other car grooming services, feel free to browse through our website or contact us for more details. We are always happy to assist you.

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