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Ceramic Car Coating Singapore

In Singapore today, owning a car, even an entry-level model, represents the second biggest investment after your home. This is why most would strive to keep every part of it in tip top condition, especially the exterior paint job. To keep your car’s paint pristine, wax is often the go-to solution as it has been tried and tested for many years. Even so, the advances in automotive-related technology has led to the advent of a newer, better solution – ceramic coating.


All You Need To Know About It

Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that chemically bonds with your vehicle’s factory paint to form a layer of protection. Unlike wax sealants, ceramic coating is a premium wax alternative that provides a more lasting and comprehensive protection for your vehicle. The hydrophobic and hardy nature of the polymer ensures that your car stays in tip top condition despite being exposed to all sorts of weather conditions. It only requires a one-time application so you won’t have to worry about re-application every few months, which can be troublesome and costly in the long run.


Best Of Both Worlds

For most car owners, car maintenance will eventually become a dilemma that they have to scratch their heads over. This is because they have to decide whether to focus on a car maintenance option that provides better protection, or one that improves the car’s overall appearance. Thankfully, ceramic coating provides the best of both worlds as it not only protects your car’s surface, but it can also provide a sleek and glossy look that’s certain to make your car looking good as new.


Not Meant For D.I.Y.

Applying ceramic coating on your car’s surface is a job that needs to be done in an environment that’s absolutely void of contaminants. Even if you have a private garage, getting it done right the first time is still easier said than done. It is an intensive operation that requires skilled and experienced hands to ensure a better and flawless coating application. This is why you should opt for professional help instead, and you can bet that Car Grooming Xpert has the best crew in town for the job.


The Best In The Car Business

When it comes to experience and expertise in car grooming, you can trust that our professionals will lack in neither. Our team is well-trained and equipped with years of experience in all sorts of car maintenance, so you can rest assured that your precious investment will be perfectly safe in our most capable hands. Armed with the best equipment and facilities, our professionals will get your car’s ceramic coating done fast and easy without any flaws.


Get It Done Today!

No matter what car model you may have, you can always trust in our professionals to provide the finest ceramic coating application in town. The prices for our services are reasonable and you can certainly expect top quality and efficiency when you choose Car Grooming Xpert. So if you’re interested in ceramic coating or any other services we offer, do give us a call and our staff will be happy to assist you in every way possible.


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