Eco-Friendly Waterless Car Wash

Do you want to be eco-friendly and conserve water when washing your car? Do you want to speed up your car washing process? Go waterless!
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Waterless Car Wash Singapore

There are several ways car owners wash their cars in Singapore. Some drivers queue up at the petrol station car wash, some owners depend on their domestic helper; some enthusiastic ones will wash their car themselves at designated water bays in multi-storey carparks near their HDB flats. Others (lazy ones) simply wait for the rain to come.

Using Too Much Water

If done thoroughly, a proper car wash takes a few hours and many buckets of water to be completed. Some sources show that you could use up to 200 litres per car wash.

Is spending a few hours washing your car too time consuming for you? Do you want your car wash process to be sped up? Do you think that too much water is being wasted? What if you have a water shortage problem? How are you going to wash your car?

We want our cars to stay shiny and clean so that we can feel proud of our vehicles. As people pass us by, we want them to look at our gleaming cars in pure admiration. Our chests puff up with pride when they praise our cars. Without water, you won’t be able to wash your car and retain your car’s glamorous look – or so you think.

Cleaning Cars Without Water

Nothing is impossible and now car washes can also be waterless to achieve that same squeaky clean finish that you yearn for! With waterless car wash products, fast cleaning can be achieved and light contaminants can be removed from your car’s exterior surface. These products work by simply spraying them onto the car’s surface, wiping off and then buffing till your car shines.

Waterless car wash products lift dirt from the vehicle through emulsification. This means that dirt is first broken down into molecules, and then the molecules are separated from the car’s paintwork and removed accordingly.

A waterless car wash means that your car can be cleaned at a faster rate, and it is eco-friendly as no water is used. Your car will also suffer less damage (like swirl marks and scratches) as the dirt is suspended from your car’s surface and then removed easily with a microfibre cloth.

Your car’s aesthetics can be improved tremendously such that it looks as good as new in just a few steps. Starting from simple spraying of the product to wiping it off, and finally buffing of your car.

Quality Comes First

We know that nowadays people like you are hard pressed for time. The need and demand for faster and more efficient car washing is high. Other than that, water wastage and pollution issues call for a more environmentally friendly way to conduct car washes. However, not everyone knows about waterless car washing, or the proper way to apply it onto your car to achieve the desired results.

That’s why we’re here! Our team of nature-loving and problem-solving car groomers are skilled in utilising waterless car wash technology and products. We make sure all the auto products are of the best quality and we are meticulous while tending to your car. We do not want to miss out even a single spot as we want you to be totally satisfied and happy with the end result.

Feeling doubtful? No problem! Our professional car groomers are patient and understanding. We’ll explain as much as we can until you have your doubts cleared about the services we offer. We love our work and we love cars! Therefore, we’ll treat and care for every car as if it were our own.

Mobile Waterless Car Wash

The best thing about our waterless car wash service is – we deliver the service right to your doorstep! Yes! It is also a mobile service. Which means that you can relax at home while our experienced personnel washes your car – the waterless way.

You can save water and regain your car’s marvellous appearance at the same time. Contact us now to book an appointment or to know more about the range of car grooming services that we offer.

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