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Hand Car Wash Singapore

Going Traditional

There are tons of car wash stations around Singapore nowadays, mostly located at petrol stations. There are also many different types of services offered, such as automatic car wash, manual car wash, self-service car wash, corporate car wash and waterless car wash.

Although there is a variety of car wash services offered, some people still prefer to do it the traditional way – doing it by hand.

It’s understandable because washing your car by hand feels like you are pampering your car with personal care and attention, instead of subjecting it to the automatic brushes and rollers.

Save Time With Car Wash Service

Nowadays, with the hectic pace of life, most people have little spare time on their hands. However, our car still needs time and effort to upkeep. Over time, bird droppings, tree sap, dirt, dust and road salts may accumulate on the surface of our car, affecting its appearance.

Rather than spending a few hours washing your car yourself, consider sending it to car wash stations to get your car cleaned. You can then use that extra time saved to tend to more important things in life – such as spending time with your family or finishing up some overdue work.

Importance Of Proper Washing Techniques

Applying improper washing techniques or using inappropriate tools may damage your car. For instance, if you use the wrong type of cloth to wipe your car, it may cause scratches to your car’s exterior, hence scarring the paintwork. You wouldn’t want that, would you?

Proper car washing techniques are important to prevent leaving swirl marks, scratches and water spots on your car.

For example, prevent swirl marks by using two pails of water. One filled with soapy water, the other filled with clean water. Each time, after you’ve removed the dirt and grit from your car with your sponge, rinse out those contaminants in clean water before reloading your sponge with soapy water.

How We Wash Your Car

Our professionals take special care when performing a proper and complete car wash. We ensure that the vehicle will be clean and at the same time damage free.

So what are the steps involved in a proper car wash?

Our men will normally start off with a pre-rinse to loosen the dirt and silt on the car by using water. This is followed by a pre-wash to remove light contaminates covering your vehicle’s paintwork, so that they will not cause swirl marks in the later stages of washing.

Next, we shampoo the entire car exterior, making sure every inch is covered. After that, a thorough rinsing is done.

Finally your vehicle will be dried using a microfibre cloth to prevent scratches and lint transfer. Drying your car thoroughly is an important step as it prevents water spots from forming. Water spots are created when water evaporates, leaving behind the minerals in it on your car surface.

To complete the process, we also vacuum the interior of your car and wipe your seats and dashboard.

Voila! Your sparkling car is now good to go!

Our Knowledgeable Team

At Car Grooming Xpert, our team of pro car groomers are extremely skilled and knowledgeable in car care. We love cars and thus treat every car as if it is ours. As we stress on quality work, we only use the best auto products when it comes to washing and caring for your car.

We pay extra attention to areas that require special care. Our experienced team have the expertise to provide car wash solutions that exceed your expectations.

Do you have any doubts? No problem, just voice it out! Our friendly staff will assist you to ensure you have a satisfying car care experience with us.

A little tight on money? Don’t worry, we understand that car care is expensive nowadays so we offer our grooming services at wallet friendly prices.

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