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Car Vacuuming Services

The interior of a vehicle can get dirty quickly. Aside from looking unsightly with all the accumulated dust, grime and pollen, mould and mildew problems will develop if your vehicle is not cleaned regularly.

To avoid the above issues, a thorough interior car vacuuming is highly recommended. Car vacuuming helps to limit the amount of dust, pollen, mould spores and other particles floating around and settling on your upholstery, carpet, dashboard etc.

A clean interior creates a healthier environment while you drive. It also creates a safer space for your kids when you ferry your family around in your car.

Vacuuming Process

Car vacuuming is done in stages, working one area at a time. The size of the brushes is adjusted to ensure that all areas of the car are vacuumed well.

For areas that see a lot of traffic, such as the floor mats and carpets, you will see a large amount of dirt, grime, hair, crumbs, loose debris, etc. On such areas, it is essential to brush off these large particles first before vacuuming.

Floor Mats

The floor mats are taken out and given a good shake to remove any loose dirt, dead leaves, food crumbs and rocks. A vacuum cleaner is used to suction off any particles that are stuck to the mat.

Some liquid stains may penetrate the fabric parts of the car. The best way to clean such stains up is by steam vacuuming, using the hot water extraction method.


One of the most important areas to be vacuumed is the floor. The floor accumulates the most dirt from all the foot traffic. Wiping or brushing the stains away is not enough, because some are embedded into the floor material after being stepped on repeatedly. Stubborn stains may have to be steam vacuumed.

The floor is vacuumed thoroughly using a medium brush, ensuring that it reaches around the floor pedals and the areas between the seats and the console.

Car Seats

To protect the delicate upholstery, the seats are cleaned with a soft brush attachment. They are vacuumed especially around the seams, where dirt is likely to be trapped. Vacuuming car seats is effective because it draws out any moisture that may cause unpleasant odours in the future.

Carpeted Areas

Vacuuming the carpet is essential because it helps eliminate unpleasant carpet odours or cigarette smells which remain trapped in the carpet fibres.

First, vacuum away the loose debris. Next, the carpet is sprinkled with carpet freshener or baking soda to remove musty smells. The powder is allowed sit for several minutes. Then the carpet is vacuumed once again to remove the powder.

The carpet in the car trunk is also vacuumed the same way. Because it has the least access to fresh air and sunlight, this makes it a conducive environment for dust and mites to proliferate.

Carpet Flea Treatment

Carpet flea treatment is one of the add-ons for carpet vacuuming service. A vacuum with powerful suction is used to extract any eggs laid by fleas in the carpet. All the extracts are disposed right away, to eliminate any chances of transfer.

Vacuuming The Smaller Areas

The brush head is changed accordingly in order to reach the smaller areas, so as to extract any particles trapped in them. These include the dashboards, vents, grills, doors and both sides of the visors.

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