Professional Car Interior Shampooing

While grooming your car, don’t forget to shampoo the interior. Shampooing helps to get rid of all the stains and foul odours, leaving it smelling fresh and clean!
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Car Interior Shampoo Services

Some parts of your vehicle can be cleaned by brushing and wiping – but others require more extensive cleaning methods. This is because some stains penetrate the material of certain surfaces of your car interior, and can only be removed via shampooing.

Car shampooing serves as the best solution to clean away such stains, and at the same time, eliminates any musty or foul odours caused. Shampooing your car interior comprises of cleaning out the parts of your car interior which can be washed. This includes the carpets, floor mats, seats, doors, steering wheel and gear stick.

Vacuum Then Shampoo

Start by vacuuming the car interior using various attachments and brushes to get rid of any loose debris and visible dirt. Each area of the car is then shampooed, section by section – paying special attention to any stains and how the material in question should be cleaned.

Upholstery Shampooing

Liquid stains soil upholstery badly, and such stains can only be removed effectively by shampooing. Heavy stains, spillage and grime are pre-treated first.

Upholstery shampoo is used to clean the seats together with hot water extractors. The heat extractors dig deep to remove all the soap, dirt, grime, dead skin cells, dust mites and bacteria that have found their way into your upholstery. Shampooing also helps to rejuvenate and freshen up all the upholstery.

Car Carpets Shampooing

All carpets are cleaned with fabric-friendly shampoo. Car carpets should be shampooed regularly because apart from eliminating musty odours, shampooing ensures that no unwanted bacteria or micro-organism lives.

The carpets are shampooed using professional equipment, delivering clean and hygienic carpets. Spotless and fresh-looking carpets help in keeping your vehicle well-groomed.

Carpet Flea Treatment

Carpet flea treatment is a popular add-on service under carpet shampooing services. Fleas lay most of their eggs on carpets and rugs. It is important to remove them before they trigger any allergies or cause sicknesses to us.

A vacuum cleaner with a powerful suction is used together with a disposable dustbin bag. The fleas go inside the dust bag and the disposable dust bag is taken away immediately. After the vacuuming, the carpet is clean and free from any fleas.

Floor Mats Shampooing

Floor mats made of fabric need to be shampooed and scrubbed for them to remain clean. They get dirty easily from being stepped on constantly and from greasy food bits, liquid stains or oil spills.

The mats are shampooed with a mild cleaner which dissolves all the deeply penetrated stains. The cleaners ensure that the fabric structure is not damaged, and that the colours are not affected by the cleaning agent used.

To prevent foul or musty smells, the mats must be dried completely before use, eliminating any chances of mildew or mould forming. The best way is to hang them vertically out in the sun, so that germs and bacteria can be killed by the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Foul Odour Elimination

Due to dirt, spills, mouldy aircon or exposure to some chemicals, your car interior can emit a foul odour. Even after using air fresheners and linen fresheners, the odour seems to surface again. To permanently do away with such awful odours, a thorough car interior shampoo is essential.

A car interior shampoo will target the parts where the odour seems to emanate from, and thoroughly clean it. All shampooed parts of the interior are dried using a heat extractor, to completely extract any moisture. An electric fan can also help to speed up the drying process.

Shampooing leaves your car interior smelling fresh, clean and free from any foul odour.

Fresh & Hygienic Car Interior

Get prolonged use of your vehicle by getting your car interior professionally shampooed by our car specialists. Our experienced personnels are trained to clean each component of your vehicle appropriately. Car Grooming Xpert offers affordable prices and remarkable services. Trust us to deliver cleaner, long lasting results.

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