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Say NO to discoloured, stained, dirty, grimy or musty car carpets. Freshen them up by engaging our professional carpet shampooing service today.
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Car Carpet Shampoo Services

Shampooing your car carpet removes the dirt and grime from the carpet for a refreshed, clean look. Otherwise, all of that accumulated grit and grime keeps getting entrenched deeper and deeper into the carpet fibres. With time, it gets more difficult to clean, and can even cause permanent damage to your carpet.

Yes, we know with such heavy foot traffic, our car carpet will start accumulating dirt right after we cleaned it. Despite so, it’s still important to clean it regularly and properly for good hygiene. A professional car carpet shampoo is pivotal in car interior detailing and general vehicle maintenance.

Why Carpet Shampooing Instead Of Just Vacuuming?

While vacuuming is an important step towards keeping your carpet clean, it only removes the dust, dirt and other loose debris from the top of the carpet. Cleaning deep into the carpet’s pile is important because that is where most of the dirt eventually settles, partly due to gravity.

Some liquid stains or edible spills may embed themselves into the pile as well, making them fertile ground for germs, bacteria and mould to multiply. That is why a thorough carpet shampooing is important as it will clean out all these stains.

Carpet shampooing also targets any odour causing dirt or micro-organisms which may be in the carpet. An extensive shampoo will guarantee that no foul odour will emanate from the carpet, leaving it fresh and clean.

At times, we notice our carpet pile has become flat and distorted due to constant stepping and usage. Try shampooing your carpet. Not only does shampooing help clean up our carpet, it can actually protect the carpet fabric and help to revive the fabric structure.

When Is Car Carpet Shampoo Necessary?

A carpet shampoo is recommended as soon as any stains or odours are noticed. Quick action is essential, as it prevents the stains from seeping into the fabric or spreading, hence damaging the fabric.

For example, a chemical spill would have to be shampooed off immediately after it occurs. Visible dirt like mud or sand should also be removed with shampoo as soon as possible.

It is recommended to get a carpet shampoo several times a year, and it is even more important when the vehicle is frequently used, or if the vehicle carries kids.  Carpet fabric loses its structure due to use, so regular shampoos are necessary to keep the carpet pile in its plush form.

The Cleaning Process

Car carpet shampooing is made effective with the use of heat extractors. Heat extractors are popular because they deliver a seamless job.

First, they pour hot water mixed with detergent onto the carpet. The water seeps deep into the fibres, then, immediately; the heat extractor sucks up all the water together with the dirt and grime in the carpet. This method removes all those tiny specks of dirt which entangle deep into the carpet fibre, together with any liquid spills.

The heat extractor also sucks up all the water as part of the drying process, hence eliminating the chance of any foul odours or mildew forming. This is known as the “hot water extraction method”. It is widely used as it leaves the carpet freshly shampooed and dry.

Say NO To Stained, Grimy & Musty Carpets

Say NO to discoloured, stained, dirty, grimy or musty car carpets. At unbeatable prices, our professional team will shampoo your carpets for a long-lasting freshness.  

Enjoy a clean and healthy environment when driving or fetching your kids. Freshen up your car carpets by engaging our professional carpet shampooing service today!




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