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Car Interior Cleaning Services Singapore

Other people may admire the outside your vehicle, but you see the inside every time you drive.

The interior of your car is a relatively small space, so small messes seem larger than they are, and are more noticeable. Car interior cleaning is important because it will eliminate any stains and odours effectively, preserving your vehicle’s immaculate finish.

It is recommended to clean the interior regularly, before any stains become permanent. Engaging professional cleaners is essential because they will employ the appropriate detergents and products that will clean and protect your car interior.

Weekly Car Interior Cleaning

Keep your interior looking great with weekly quick-cleanings. Weekly cleanings are light and short, as they target the areas of your car which are more prone to being soiled than others.

All solid surfaces are wiped down with a microfibre cloth that will catch the accumulated dust.

Pet hairs are removed, together with any other strands which can be brushed off.

Floor mats are vacuumed and any stains are blotted out. Mild cleaners are used, leaving all mats fresh and clean.

The grip of the car, is wiped down with mild detergent and microfibre towel. If the grip is made of leather, it will also be cleaned using appropriate leather cleaner.

Odour Elimination

The weekly cleaning routine is completed by eliminating any odour, using suitable air fresheners for your car and taste. These air fresheners target to eliminate any odours in the air, on the fabric, and on the carpet. Odour-eliminating sprays are highly efficient at removing the smell of cigarette smoke.

Monthly Car Interior Cleaning

Monthly cleaning services are more inclusive, and reach for even the most discreet areas of your car interior. These are done monthly because they are more extensive, and cover areas which need special care.

Crevice attachments are thoroughly vacuumed. These are the tights spots which coins drop into, or dust accumulates. A brush is used to get inside the vents and in the seams that dust, lint, hair, and the lost coins will fall into. It may seem like these areas are difficult or unnecessary to clean, but it makes a big difference in the overall appearance of your vehicle’s interior if you do so.

Carpet and upholstery stains are removed by a specially formulated cleaning agent, which is applied to the spot and is blotted away with a clean towel. As the spot dries, the treated area is re-vacuumed to fluff the carpet pile again

Vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces are wiped down. Many rubber and vinyl protectants have some cleaning ability so the cleaning process will be more effective. The interior glass is cleaned using a non-ammonia glass cleaner. Cleaners that are used are safe for tinted windows as well.

Car seats are cleaned per their material. Leather requires special cleaners and conditioners to keep the leather supple and soft. Car seats which are covered in fabric will also be cleaned gently.  Just like the weekly cleaning services, monthly car interior cleaning will be completed with odour elimination, taking away that musty smell from your vehicle.

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