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Want To Feel Proud?

Washing your car can be demanding in terms of energy and time. However, if you don’t wash your car, the more you drive, more dirt and grime will build up on your car, forming a layer that is neither protective nor aesthetically pleasing.

Sometimes you have no choice but to drive through muddy areas, causing your car’s original colour to be masked by brown mud. You will also be embarrassed to give people a lift as they might touch the surface of your car and end up having their hands full of soot and dust. You might also feel inferior when your dusty car is parked beside a clean shiny vehicle.

As you try to clean your car, you realise that the dirt, grime and other contaminants do not come off easily, and your car does not look too different from before you washed it. Sometimes you might even feel disgusted when you have to wash off stubborn bird droppings from the exterior of your car.

What is even more frustrating is that sometimes, swirl marks and light scratches are formed in the process of washing your car! Often, these are caused by improper washing techniques. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of you washing your car in the first place?

We all want to drive around Singapore in our gleaming cars. We want people to admire and envy our shiny showroom-condition cars. With dust, dirt and even splatters of bird droppings covering your car, how would you be able to feel proud?

Types Of Car Wash Services

We are happy to introduce you to a time effective and efficient way to keep your car looking good – our car wash services! Do you know that at Car Grooming Xpert, we offer several types of car washing services?

Depending on your unique needs, you can choose to go for our corporate car wash, manual car wash, waterless car wash or even mobile car wash service. Nevertheless, all of these services are able to remove the grime, dirt, bird droppings, tree sap and other surface contaminants from your car effectively, giving it that squeaky clean look.

Corporate car washes are designed for companies with fleets of cars that need washing on a regular basis. Hand car washes cater to those who wish to do it the traditional way. Thorough washing and shampooing are done by our meticulous cleaners.

Waterless car washes are recommended for those who are hard pressed for time and want a quick car wash. These are also suitable for the environmentally conscious as minimal water is used during the cleaning process. For consumers who highly value convenience and time-savings, we actually bring the car wash service right to your doorstep with our mobile car wash.

Vacuuming is also done for the interior of your car as we want your car to be totally clean – inside out. Cleaning your car cabin includes cleaning your seats, floor mats and carpets. You will definitely drive home comfortably in your spotless car after sending it to us to have it washed.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Pride

When we see our clients leaving with happy smiles on their faces post car wash, we feel proud and satisfied. Our customers’ satisfaction is our pride, giving us ultimate satisfaction too.

Our pro team of car groomers strive for excellence as our love for cars cannot be equalled. There is no other team more skilful, dedicated and experienced in our line of work. We try our best to clear up your doubts so you can ask us anything and everything about your car and also about the services that we provide.

We use only products and equipment that are of good quality so that your car will get the best care possible. We provide best value for the prices we offer.

Our value-added services include cleaning the undercarriage and the rim of your car’s wheels. These are the places that collect the most dirt, grease and gravel, and are normally unreachable or not easily washed if you try washing them yourself.

We do not miss even a single spot as we want you to be proud of your car – inside out.

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If you find washing your car a hassle, search no further. Come to us to have your car cleaned by our professional car groomers and see it transformed! We want you to be satisfied and proud of your vehicle when you are on the road.

Do browse through our website for more information about the other services that we offer. Ring us or drop us an email today for reliable, affordable and professional car wash services!

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