New Car Polishing Service

Think your new car is flawless?
A new car is not immune to the harsh environmental elements and contaminants. Keep it looking new with professional polishing.

New Car Polishing

For the first time car owner, getting your new car is a magical experience: from the moment you set your eyes on the car in the exhibition hall and to the moment of anticipation of the car’s arrival. You feel as excited as a child in front of a candy store.

However, in reality, some new cars are handed over with minor superficial flaws: swirl marks, fine scratches and product residue left on the car paint surface. Some of these flaws are not clearly visible but when you look clearly, you can see them.

Unlike a normal car, a brand new car calls for more delicate care when polishing and detailing it. Hence engaging a trustworthy car polishing service in Singapore would require more attention and effort.

Choosing The Right Car Grooming Company

There are many car grooming services in Singapore. When it comes to selecting the right car grooming company, choose a reputable one. Obviously we will go for the company which garners the most favourable online reviews.

However it is also important to note that online reviews may also be fake ones as some companies actually paid for those “good reviews” to be posted on their website or Facebook page. So do treat online reviews with a pinch of salt.

Instead, it may be more reliable to check with your family or friends. If someone you know and trust recommended you to patronise a certain car grooming company, go for it!

New Car Polishing Process

Before any polishing process starts, our experienced technicians will first rinse and wash your new car properly. We would like to assure you that we use only high quality car wash shampoo to reduce the chances of creating extra swirl marks on your new car.

Next, we will remove the surface contaminations attached to the car paint. Detailing clay is used to remove these contaminants as normal washing cannot remove them. Don’t be surprised that your new car has bonded surface contaminants. Contamination does not care if your car is old or new, and can occur anywhere – when your car was stored in the factory and during the transportation process.

Finally, we come to the polishing process. The main purpose for polishing is to remove defects from your new car paint and enhance its overall shine. Furthermore, polishing preps your car paint for paint protectants.

Car waxes, paint protectants and paint sealants will be applied afterwards to prevent premature aging of your car paintwork, and to protect it from the harsh environment.

When we are done with your car, your new car will be flawless and truly showroom-worthy. For a longer-lasting protection, you would need to maintain your new car with simple polishing and quick detailing in between washings. Of course, if you want something hassle free, consider signing up for our value-for-money multi-session packages, and our reliable car experts will handle it from there.

Why Choose Car Grooming Xpert?

We at Car Grooming Xpert promise to deliver outstanding detailing services at affordable prices to all our valued clients. You can choose the appropriate car grooming package for your new vehicle, according to your needs and budget. Whether it is just a basic car polishing package or a comprehensive A-Z car detailing package, we have just the right service for you.

Our premium services utilise the latest technologies and the finest grooming products for your car. Our in-house technicians have also received intensive and thorough training on car grooming skills and best practices.

During the grooming session, your precious car will be inspected carefully, and any flaws detected will be fixed promptly.

Fix An Appointment With Us

Priced reasonably, we welcome you to try out our professional car polishing services. Should you need further help, we are just a phone call or an email away.

Contact us for an appointment and get your new car the shine and protection it deserves!

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