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Car Windscreen Polishing Singapore

Hazy & Dirty Windscreen

The windscreen forms a very big part of our car. It allows us to have a clear view of the road when we are driving and thus its importance cannot be emphasised enough.

What if your windscreen is hazy and dusty? What if it is covered with scratches due to your wiper blades or tiny stones that may have been agitated by other cars driving in front of you? Won’t these marks, blemishes and dirt interfere with your vision of the road ahead? Won’t it cause your car to look many years older than it actually is?

You can consider your car’s windscreen to be the face of your car. If your windscreen looks good, your car looks good too. If your windscreen is shiny and crystal clear, your car seems to gleam too, garnering envious looks from your friends and even from passers-by on the streets.

Glass Polishing Process

We will briefly explain the process of polishing your car windscreen.

First, clean your windscreen with a glass cleaner and a microfibre cloth. The microfibre cloth is gentle on your glass and prevents lint transfer. Dry thoroughly.

Next, glass polish is applied onto another clean microfibre cloth. It is then worked onto the glass in a circular motion until the whole area is covered with a thin film. Specialised polishing discs may be used.

Lastly, the film is left to dry and then buffed with a clean microfibre cloth once again.

For more impressive results, use a glass sealant to seal the entire exterior surface of the glass. This helps the windscreen to stay smooth and clear for a longer period of time.

The Benefits Of Professional Polishing

Car windscreen polishing may sound simple, yet it is not so when you actually do it yourself. If not done properly (such as applying polish compounds inappropriately), you actually risk damaging your windscreen, causing more scratches and making it even hazier than before.

Polishing your windscreen glass isn’t as easy as the professionals make it seem to be. Why take that risk when you can ask for help?

By engaging a professional car grooming company to polish your car windscreen, you can be sure of a job well done. Polishing marring and fine scratches out of glass surfaces is a slow and difficult process, often taking a few hours of manual labour. It has to be done meticulously by skilled technicians to achieve that glamorous sheen seen in showroom cars. 

The polishing compound also forms a barrier of protection between your car windscreen and surface contaminants such as grime and oil film, making it easier to clean your car windscreen the next time round.

Not only that, watermarks on the car glass can also be removed. Water spots are normally formed when water evaporates from the surface of the glass, leaving behind mineral deposits.

Skilful Pro Car Groomers

Our experienced team consists of pro car groomers who are skilful and dedicated. We are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide you and your car with the best service.

As we want you to bring your car home with utter satisfaction, happiness and pride, we only use superior polishing products that are safe for your car windscreen, to obtain that shiny, smooth look that you yearn for.

We want car care with Car Grooming Xpert to be a pleasant experience for you. Please do not hesitate to approach our friendly staff to clarify your doubts.

Most importantly, we want car care to be affordable for you. Thus all our professional services are reasonably priced. For an affordable price, you will be able to maintain your car with us for a long time.

Bringing Back Clarity & Lustre

Our windscreen polishing service effectively removes minor scratches, wiper marks, water marks, haze and cloudiness from your glass. Most people polish their car windows together with their windscreen, so you can check out our windows polishing service too. If you want to know more about our other car grooming services, you can browse our website or call us up.

Allow us to bring back the lustre and clarity to your car windshield and windows. Contact us now to book an appointment and give your glass windscreen the shine and protection it needs!

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