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Proper maintenance of your car rims and wheels is important. No matter aluminium, chrome, alloy or steel wheels, we can clean, polish and protect them for you.
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Dirty Wheels

While driving along Orchard Road, you stopped at a red light and stared out of your window. Just then, another car which is of a similar model to yours stopped by. Looking enviously at its sleek black tyres and shiny sports rims, suddenly you feel self-conscious. Why does your car look so shabby compared to that car beside you?

When was the last time you’ve cleaned the rims of your tyres? Feeling tired even before you started cleaning the grime off those dirty and grimy wheels?

Unfortunately, for your car to look aesthetically pleasing, you’ll need to put in some time and effort. Cleaning and polishing your car rims on your own is both tiring and time consuming. Why not invest a bit of money and get it done professionally?

Benefits Of 
Polishing Your Car Rims

In Singapore, we can find many car groomers who can help to clean and polish our car wheels. Outsourcing the job to these professional service providers allows you to tend to other more important things such as spending time with your family or helping your kids with their schoolwork.

Car wheels are often overlooked during our car washing routine. We tend to think, “These wheels will get dirty anyway, what is the point of cleaning them now?”

Many drivers do not understand that polishing their car rims not just makes the wheels look amazing, it also helps to repel brake dust and protect the wheel finishing from other surface contaminants.

Before we start the polishing process, we need to give the wheels a good wash first. Any bonded brake dust or oxidation is removed. After cleaning, rinsing and drying, we apply polish compound onto the metal surface. The polish compound is spread evenly and buffed onto the surface of the rims.

For more outstanding results, finish up with a tough sealant. This helps to protect the wheels for months, preventing water spotting and staining. Additionally, road contaminates, grime and brake dust buildup is reduced, allowing for easier cleaning the next time.

Providing Satisfaction

The pros at Car Grooming Xpert provide shine and protection for all types of wheel finishes, ranging from chrome and alloy wheels, polished aluminium and magnesium wheels, to factory clear coated wheels.

Our trusted team of car groomers specialise in cleaning, polishing and sealing your wheels, quickly restoring a bright, polished and protected wheel finish.

As we only use the best auto grooming products in the market, we can assure you that your car will get the best care and treatment from us. Our skilled and experienced technicians will pay special attention while polishing your car wheels to deliver the best results to you. We treat every car as if it were our own, simply because we love cars.

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To know more about our other affordable services such as mobile car grooming, car waxing and interior detailing, be sure to browse through our website or email us. Hurry! Give your vehicle the complete car care it deserves now!

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