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With our affordable and convenient interior car detailing services, you can now drive a gleaming showroom-worthy car anytime you want. Let us help clean and shine your dashboard, console and more!

Quality Car Interior Polish In Singapore

Since owning a car is a huge investment in Singapore, it is crucial to keep the car in optimum condition – inside out. However, when it comes to polishing, people often emphasise on the car’s exterior but neglect the interior.

With frequent usage, the condition of our car will inevitably deteriorate over time. The once smooth leather seats will crack, the once shiny dashboard will become dull, grime and dirt will accumulate everywhere – the upholstery, door panels, dashboard, console, steering wheel, aircon vents, grillwork, floor mats and carpet of our car.

A dirty interior affects the comfort of the driver and his passengers. On the other hand, a clean, shiny and well maintained interior lifts the mood of everyone in the car.

The Right Car Interior Polishing Service

Polishing the interior of a car sounds like an easy feat but when it is not correctly done, it can cause serious damage to the car. Thus, it is essential to find the right car grooming company to entrust your car to.

Do your research beforehand. Ask for recommendations from family and friends, and don’t forget to ask for their blacklisted car grooming companies too. Better be safe than sorry.

Most of us spend a great deal of time inside our cars, so it makes sense that we invest a decent amount of time and effort to keep them neat, tidy and comfortable. If we are too busy or not up to the task, we can always outsource the job to the professionals.

Polishing The Dashboard And Interior Plastic

At Car Grooming Xpert, during the polishing process, our skilled technicians will first clean up the dashboard, centre console and other plastic parts thoroughly. This includes the steering wheel, turn signal levers and the shift boot.

After spraying a small amount of polish on the plastic, a soft brush is used to spread the polish. Lastly, a clean dry cloth is used to buff the surfaces gently.

The main purpose of utilising protectant is to shield and protect the surfaces from threats such as scratches, moisture and the sun’s UV light. Additionally, it makes the polished surfaces look clean and shiny.

An occasional dusting is recommended to maintain the newly polished surface for a longer period of time.

Cleaning The Carpet And Floor Mats

First, vacuum the carpets and floor mats thoroughly. Next, spot clean spots and heavily soiled areas with a good spot remover. The carpets are then shampooed by spraying the cleaning agent and using a wet brush or sponge to agitate in a circular motion. Clean off any stain or dirt.

The cleaning process ends with wiping off excess moisture to prevent corrosion and mould. Make sure the carpet is totally dry before use, or else, there will be a foul smell.

Consider using a fabric protectant to protect your freshly cleaned carpet and floor mats against spills and stains, and also to keep them looking great.

Why Choose Car Grooming Xpert?

Car Grooming Xpert understands your needs and cater to your budget with a variety of car grooming options. Our handpicked and qualified technicians are highly skilled and experienced professionals. Utmost attention to details and high quality grooming products are the essence of our car grooming process. Your car is in safe hands with us.

Despite the regular vacuuming and maintenance done by yourself, surface cleaning is not enough for your car. To keep it looking new, we recommend sending it in for professional detailing once or twice a year.

Affordable Quality Services

Looking to enhance the look of your dull looking car? We are just a call or an email away. Feel free to contact our friendly staff and check on how our top quality car grooming services can help bring out the best in your vehicle.

Hesitate no more. With our affordable and convenient car detailing services, you can now drive a gleaming showroom-worthy car anytime you want!

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