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Cloudy or yellowish headlights are unappealing as well as unsafe for anyone who often drives at night.
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Car Headlight Polishing Singapore

Most people avoid driving at night or in dim conditions as there is a higher incidence of traffic accidents as compared to driving in the day. As we all know, this is due to poorer visibility at night. This is why we need to make sure that our car headlights are working properly at all times.

When driving on the roads of Singapore at night, our car headlights increase our range of vision significantly. We need clear headlights so that we will be able to detect any lurking danger easily.

Cloudy Or Cracked Headlights

Have you noticed that with time, your car headlights turn dimmer? Upon closer inspection, you’ll realise that they appear cloudy and yellowish.

Most headlights are made of durable and scratch-resistant polycarbonate plastic. Oxidation occurs over time due to UV light, road debris and atmospheric chemicals, resulting in the cloudy and yellowish appearance. Sometimes, the cloudy look on these surfaces may also be caused by built-up grime.

Other than paying full attention while driving, another way to keep yourself safe on the road is by ensuring your car is in good condition, and that includes the condition of your headlights. Occasionally our headlights may be cracked due to an accident, affecting the lens. This disrupts proper functioning of our headlights which can result in more road accidents.

The Process Of Headlights Polishing

What do we do with cloudy, hazy headlights then? We polish them until they shine!

We always start with washing off the dirt and grime on the headlights. This is followed by sanding. We usually tape off the headlights to prevent scratching off your car’s paint. After that, we’ll add buffing compound to a clean microfibre cloth and polish your car’s headlights until clean and clear.

A wax coat can then be applied depending on your preference to give it a more durable finish. Lastly it is advisable to apply a UV sealant to protect your headlights (as the original shield was removed during the earlier sanding process).

Our Efficient Team

Our pro car groomers love clean and bright headlights as much as you do. We want you to drive under safe conditions. With our team’s expertise, skills and knowledge, your headlights will surely be polished to your satisfaction.

We use quality auto products such as polishing compounds that work best with your car. We can even tailor our car grooming services to your individual requests. If needed, we’ll even help you restore your old headlights to good condition. Our experienced technicians will make sure that your headlights’ condition can last a long time before needing to be polished again, because we want to make car care as affordable as it can be for all customers.

We use only equipment and products that we deem safe and good for our clients’ vehicles. You don’t want to harm yourself while polishing your car due to harmful chemicals or improper equipment usage. Just come to us and we’ll get it done for you in no time at all!

Contact Us Now

We know you’re busy with work and that’s why we want to lend you a helping hand. It’s better to have your headlights in their best condition and drive safely, rather than taking risks on the road with hazy headlights. Besides safety, shiny headlights also enhance the look of your gleaming car.

So what are you waiting for? Get your headlights polished now to ensure better range of vision and safer driving at night. We care about our customers so contact us to book an appointment. Know more about us and other services that we offer at We want to make safer driving a reality for all!

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