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Dirty Car Windows

As you drove along East Coast Parkway (ECP) from Changi Airport, you gazed out of the window and only saw blurred images. Your windscreen and glass windows seemed to be covered with a layer of soot and dust, and even some bird droppings. It is annoying that you could not fully appreciate the beauty of the scenery outside. Even your side car mirror is covered with water stains and tree sap. Exasperated, you rolled down the windows instead.

After driving your car for a period of time, oil and grime will accumulate on the surface of the glass. If you do not clean it frequently and regularly, this layer will stick to your glass surface and becomes harder to remove.

Sometimes your glass may also suffer scratches due to stones, gravel, broken tree branches and other sharp objects hitting against it. Especially when cruising along the highway at high speeds.

Protect Your Car Glass

If you are having problems as mentioned above, the best answer for you is to polish your car glass windows, front windscreen, rear window, sunroof and side mirrors.

By coating the polish compound onto your car glass and polishing it, you will create a layer of protection for your glass surface. This way, dirt, grime, tree sap, bird droppings, tar and other surface contaminants can be easily wiped off as they no longer stick directly onto the glass surface.

Not only that, the polish compound will also help to repair light scratches, marks and other blemishes so that your car glass will be clear, smooth and shiny again.

At the end of the polishing process, consider protecting your glass with a glass sealant. This will create a hydrophobic surface that repels water instantly, giving your treated glass an improved clarity. Especially when driving in the rain, your visibility is greatly improved as now water simply beads up and runs off your glass surfaces.

Professional Car Grooming

Polishing and buffing can be as simple as ABC – if you are equipped with the appropriate tools, armed with the relevant skills and apply the correct techniques.

Yes, you may know the entire glass polishing process by heart. But knowing the steps is one thing, accurate execution backed by years of experience is the key to delivering outstanding results. Without which, you may cause more damage to your car glass, hence defeating the purpose of you polishing it in the first place.

Our Highly Experienced Team

Why give yourself such pressure? Let the pros polish your car glass for you! At Car Grooming Xpert, our team is top notch when it comes to skills, experience, expertise and knowledge about car care. We love our work so we strive to provide you with the best service.

As we believe in quality, our car groomers only use superior quality polish products to polish your car windows. Meticulously, our skilful technicians will polish away any grease, scuffs, marks, stains, water spots and light scratches from your glass surfaces. We want your car glass to have that clean and shiny finish so you can drive home – proud and satisfied.

Clarifying your doubts is what we always stress on as we want you to be able to care for your car too even after you bring it home. Should you need further customisation of our car grooming packages, do let our friendly customer service know in advance. We will try our best to satisfy all your car detailing needs and expectations.

We are happy to offer our grooming solutions and professional services at wallet-friendly prices, so feel free to pamper your car with a well deserved polish, protection or treatment.

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Car Grooming Xpert also offers a whole range of car grooming services such as car paint protection and mobile car washing for busy owners. So feel free to check them out on our website. See you soon!

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