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Unavoidable Car Scratches

Car scratches come in many forms and can occur in many ways. Driving over small objects such as small stones can cause them to jump up and create minor scratches to your car body and undercarriage. Ladies walking too close to our cars may potentially create scratches when their handbags brushed against our car.

When kids from the next car get off from their car, they may unwittingly have bumped their car door against your car body. Day by day, little by little, numerous dents and scratches appear mysteriously on our car body.

Well, unless you park your car in an enclosed space with no other people walking by. Or drive your precious car so carefully and slowly on a road devoid of any small objects or foreign bodies. Obviously, these are impossible and not at all practical.

The next best thing we can do to ensure our car remains almost “scratch-free” is to engage a professional car polishing service. There are many affordable car grooming services in Singapore, but finding the right one may take some effort.

The Right Car Polishing Service

Engaging the right car grooming service means finding one which is professional, reliable and affordable. We wouldn’t want our car to have additional flaws as a result of unskilled polishing done by some cheap part-timer right?

To search for the right car polishing service, some research would be needed – whether it is via collecting brochures, surfing the net or by recommendations from family and friends. Choose a car grooming company that offers a variety of car grooming services. With a wide exposure to the car grooming market, there is a high chance the employees there will be well versed in their field.

Professional car polishing requires the use of superior quality polishing products by highly skilled car groomers. Hence if the price quoted is too cheap, the person polishing your car may be untrained, or the products applied may be of inferior quality.

With the right car polishing service, much time and energy is saved. Car-proud owners can look forward to driving around in a sleek and shiny car.

Car Polishing Process

During the car polishing process, technicians will first wash your vehicle thoroughly to get rid of all the dust and grime. Next it will undergo the process of “wheeling”, where a rotating wheel will be used to heat up your car paint coat to soften it. The softened paint will smoothen the scratches and the blemishes of the surface.

Constant pressure will be applied all over the car continuously. To avoid swirl marks, the rotating wheel is kept parallel to your car’s surface. At the end of the day, your car will shine and look good as new. A recommended waxing would be advantageous to seal and provide protection to the car polish, as well as to make your car shine even more.

Why Choose Us?

Car Grooming Xpert has a team of professionals who can polish your car with the latest polishing technologies, delivering the best results to you. Our professional polishers have undergone extensive training in car grooming techniques utilising top-notch car grooming products.

We make sure your car is treated with tender loving care throughout the entire grooming session. We pay utmost attention to every single inch of your car paintwork, right down to the tiniest detail during the polishing process.

Affordable Quality Services

We extend our finest service to all our valued clients. Our wide variety of premium quality car grooming services come at reasonable prices. Choose from our range of packages according to your budget and needs.

If you wish to contact us or engage our car grooming or car polishing services, we are just a call or an email away. It is our pleasure to present to you the sleek and freshly polished car you have always desired.

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