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New Car Paint Protection Singapore

Imagine this. You’ve recently bought a new car which costs a fortune and you marvelled over its beauty and magnificence. As you took it out for a drive, you drove through a road full of small stones. You could hear the stones jumping up and hitting the sides of your car and you cringe with worry.

You took it home immediately to inspect and you noticed that there wasn’t any scratches at all! And you remembered – you took it to Car Grooming Xpert for paint protection recently!

Unavoidable Car Scratches – Now Avoidable!

Yes, where scratches are concerned, our new car paint protection service provides the solution to your problem. Being a type of exterior detailing and part of car grooming, it provides a protective measure against all of your car worries – scratches, UV rays, acidic rain, tree sap and bird droppings. Do you know that even improper washing may cause your precious car to suffer damages?

With car paint protection services, your car will maintain its marvellous shine as the paintwork becomes more long lasting. This means less repainting needed and less money wasted. Also, dirt and chemicals can also be washed off more easily. Others will admire your car’s amazing appearance and wonder how it can be achieved after being exposed to the elements daily – rain or shine every single day.

Not only that, it is crucial to stress that your new car depreciates the moment you drive it home, and its resale value will drop by a large margin within the first 5 years. One way to narrow that margin is by keeping your car well-maintained with regular servicing and car paint protection.

As the saying goes: prevention is better than cure. Don’t you agree that getting car paint protection for your brand new car is a good bargain as well as a worthy investment?

How Does Car Paint Protection Work?

Your car’s paintwork has several layers. Without car paint protection, after the base paint, car wax will immediately be applied on top. However, with the car paint protection services that we offer, an extra layer of protection is applied.

After the base paint, a layer of coating – normally paint sealant – will be applied to bind to the base paint. Car wax will be the last to be applied.

It is important to note the difference between waxing and paint protection. Although both provide shine to your car, car wax is just a sacrificial layer to protect your paint when you scrub your car whereas the full car paint protection system provides double and even triple defence for your car’s paintwork.

Simply waxing your car will not protect it fully unless you reapply the wax constantly. Car paint protection saves you that trouble, time and money so you’ll have more energy and time to tend to other more important things.

Car Grooming Xpert – Car Detailing Pros

Now that you’ve understood the importance and process of car paint protection, how are you going to do this? Applying that protective coat by yourself would be too time consuming and tedious, especially if you don’t have prior knowledge on how to care for your automobile.

Paint sealants and car waxes also contain harmful chemicals that are hazardous to our heath. Moreover, incorrect application will result in more scratches and swirl marks, which defeats the purpose of you doing it in the first place.

That’s where we come in. Our team of pros at Car Grooming Xpert are skilful, experienced and knowledgeable in providing car paint protection services. They are also friendly and patient in case you need to clear your doubts and convey your expectations for your new car. Their love for cars have propelled them to providing the best that they can as they care for every car as if it is their own.

As we believe in providing the best for our customers, we use only the finest products when we groom your car to long lasting perfection. Our application of paint sealants utilises nano technology, ensuring that all harmful nano particles can be effectively blocked from reaching the base paint. Quality, after all, is what we always stress on.

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