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Quality Car Vinyl Protection Service

Buying a new car is a big step in one’s life due to its hefty cost. It is considered as one of the most expensive purchases after a home or property. Most new car owners who are not so familiar with the auto industry think that there is no need for proper maintenance of their new car.

Apparently this seems to be a cost-savings thinking. In reality it is negligence that could lead to some serious expenses, such as the repair and replacement of damaged vehicle parts.

With the busy and hectic pace of life in Singapore, most car owners find it a hassle to care for their cars. Concerned drivers are always searching for efficient, convenient and economical ways to keep their cars clean and to protect them from long term damage.

A Trusted Vinyl Protection Hub In Singapore

In the modern world, most of the car parts are made of vinyl, such as the interior upholstery, floor mats, dashboards, arm rests, body mouldings, anti-abrasion coatings, under hood wiring and windshield wiper systems.

Protection of such parts is very important as they enhance the car’s look and reliability. Keeping them clean is nonetheless a very tiring and manual job.  But if you don’t clean and maintain them regularly, you will end up spending more money on repairs and replacements.

Car Grooming Xpert offers you the best vinyl protection services at reasonable prices. Our service is one of its own kind when it comes to professionalism, expertise and innovation.

Though there are a number of other vinyl protection service providers in Singapore, most of these are lacking in terms of efficiency and quality.

Extra Care For Car Vinyl Parts

Vinyl and rubber surfaces of your car demand regular cleaning because such surfaces get dirty very easily. Once stained, it would be much more difficult to remove these stains.

Vinyl degrades over time. Additionally the UV rays from the sun can easily cause discolouration and fading of rubber and vinyl surfaces. With a protective layer on the vinyl parts, premature aging and the sun’s damaging effects can be minimised.

Benefits Of Car Vinyl Protection

Protecting the vinyl parts of your car keeps them pristine in their factory-new condition and helps to maintain your car’s resale value.  The vinyl protective coating on your car exterior will help guard against stone chips, light scratches and marks caused by rocks, gravel and other surface contaminants.

In addition, short circuits can be prevented when the electrical parts of your car are protected.

Applying the vinyl protection layer to your car’s interior will protect it against food bits, beverages spills and vomit stains.

Why Choose Car Grooming Xpert?

Car Grooming Xpert is one of the most reliable and trusted names in Singapore when it comes to car grooming services. We comprises of a bunch of experienced professionals, providing the highest quality and wallet-friendly detailing services.  We promise you to deliver the best – in terms of cost, satisfaction and reliability.

Ultraviolet rays, heat and road tar are the main causes that make vinyl less flexible, lose their glossy shine and make them very vulnerable to scratches. The special vinyl coating provided by us protects the exterior vinyl parts of your cars from the sun’s UV rays, rocks, gravel and other road hazards. Our expertise lies in keeping the vinyl flexible while protecting and maintaining its appearance.

This special coating also gives a matt finish that reduces the reflections of the interior dashboard to your windscreen, especially on sunny days. Above all the maintenance of keeping your car looking new is reduced to just a monthly wipe with a moist cloth.

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