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At Car Grooming Xpert, we take pride in providing the highest quality car scratch repair service for our clients so that they can drive off with a flawless, scratch-free and gleaming car!
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Car Scratch Repair Service Singapore

Blemish On Your Car?

As humans, we sometimes graze and scrape ourselves by accident. Similarly chips, dents and scratches tend to be unavoidable when driving a car. These minor cosmetic damages may seem inconsequential but in fact, they are actually not only damaging the aesthetic of the car but also brings down its resale or trade-in value.

Aside from that, it is only a matter of time before these blemishes penetrate into the inner layers of our car’s paintwork. This is because the paint is more than just a decorative feature but also acts as a protective layer to prevent the underlying metal from corroding.

Exposed edges to the air and deep scratches pretty much guarantee rusting if left untreated. This generally leads to the spreading of rust spots and holes in the body of your vehicle in the long run. In severe cases, a rusted-through car frame can compromise the structural and crash integrity of your car. But don’t worry, Car Grooming Xpert is here to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Fixing Your Car Scratches

Car Grooming Xpert is a reliable car grooming centre that provides a wide range of services to fix and repair car scratches and blemishes at a reasonable rate.  A pro quality scratch repair service offered by our experienced technicians can turn these scars invisible, giving your vehicle a whole new look. This is done with the use of car paint sealants, car waxes, and paint coatings.

First of all, we will properly clean the repair area by using panel wipes with a special degreaser to remove any dirt, grime and residue. The damaged area is then repaired by sanding the scratches. Masking tape is applied adjacent to the area to give extra protection. The area to be painted is then scotched to help key the area to be sprayed. Once keyed, we then mask and prime the repair.

Before applying lacquer, we will spray-paint the repaired area with the base coat and let it dry. To avoid leaving obvious scars on the body, we will ensure the paint used matches the manufacturer’s original code specification.  Next, we cure the lacquer with the help of infrared heat lamps.

Lastly, we will flatten and polish the panel by light sanding to remove bits and pieces of dirt. A machine and buffing compound are then used to buff the panel and make it shiny again.

Our Comprehensive Services

We offer packages that include both car polishing and car detailing services for those who want to keep their car glossy and elegant inside out. We also provide complimentary car wash on every visit as this is the basic requirement before any repair or detailing job.

Our car paint protection service ensures the surface of your car is protected from dirt and grime. Our upholstery protection service takes extreme care in cleaning your leather to maintain its colour and at the same time keeping it soft and supple. Our service is quick, convenient and effective.

Furthermore, we also offer affordable mobile car grooming services right at your doorstep, allowing you to sit back and relax at home while we work on your car. With our professional car scratch repair service, there is now no excuse to leave those car scratches untreated.

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Priority

Car Grooming Xpert is a one-stop comprehensive high-quality car care service provider based in Singapore. We offer reliable and affordable solutions that cover both the exterior and interior of your car.

We guarantee the best care and protection for your vehicle. We take pride in providing the highest quality auto products and latest technology to our customers. These superior quality products will increase your vehicle’s durability and this reduces the need for constant reapplication.

We take pride in what we do – top notch car grooming and protection solutions which are reasonably priced and tailored to our customers’ needs. Our dependable car experts promise to restore your car body to pristine condition in the shortest amount of time.

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