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We provide the best car paint touch up service in Singapore. It is a cheaper alternative to having your car re-sprayed.
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Car Paint Touch Up Singapore

Nasty scratches and chipped paint not only affect your vehicle’s overall appearance, they also drive down the resale value of your car. Besides looking unsightly, these blemishes can also penetrate the paint’s clear coat and through your car’s body paint, thus causing the internal metal to rust or corrode. These scratches and stone chips are typically caused by highway road grime, small gravel and other surface contaminants.

Band-Aid For Your Car

Feeling depressed? No worries! Car Grooming Xpert is here to fix your vehicle’s nasty chips and deep scratches before they cause more harm to your car.

Our trained personnel will first wash and clean the affected areas thoroughly to remove any dirt, dust and grime. Each area is then dried completely before applying the primer. As not all rust is visible to the naked eye, prior to that, the affected area is coated with rust arrestor. This rust arrestor is used to inhibit further oxidation of the metal, hence eliminating the risk of rust spreading any further.

Once the area is dry, a primer is applied. The primer seals the metal surface to prevent exposure to air, as any exposure will cause premature aging and rusting. The use of a primer also provides a surface for the paint to adhere to. The primer is also used to fix the tiny holes and imperfections on the surface of your car.

Before painting the car, our specialist will adhere strictly to the manufacturer’s paint code and specifications to mix the paint and ensure the resultant colour matches the colour of the old coat. We will repair the area by using a spray paint for larger areas and paint pen on smaller areas.

Once the body is thoroughly dry, a clear coat is applied by floating it over the base coat as it acts as a solvent. Last but not least, we will use the best auto products to polish your car till it sparkles before returning the vehicle to you. After our paint touch up service, your vehicle will look as good as new.

Your Benefits

Our car paint touch up service includes paint overspray removal. Here, our skilled technicians will remove some of the paint or primer that have been accidentally sprayed onto other areas of the car. We remove this by utilising an aggressive clay bar. Spots of hard water etched into the clear coat of the car are also removed for a perfectly smooth look.

As we perform our popular paint touch up service, the steady hands of our specialists in combination with the high-quality tools and grooming products we use, will guarantee all our clients amazing results. Our work is top quality and efficient. We promise to help you avoid the problem of being ‘car-less’ for days just for a minor paint job.

Our Car Grooming Services

From bumper to hoods, Car Grooming Xpert promises to do our best to help you minimise the damage to the minimum, up to the point of undetectable. Our paint touch up service is a more cost-effective alternative to having your car re-sprayed. Not to forget, touching up your car paint also ensures that the affected areas will not rust so easily.

Not able to make it due to your hectic schedule? Rest assured as Car Grooming Xpert also has a team of mobile car grooming experts to drop by your home for a quick fix. All you have to do is to call us for an appointment, and we’ll be at your doorsteps in a jiffy, saving you precious time for more important matters like spending time with your family and friends.

Besides paint touch ups, you may require other professional services for your car, like headlights restoration, car waxing, interior detailing, rain repellant treatment, upholstery stain removal etc. Do not hesitate to contact us. Our expertise lies in providing comprehensive grooming services at affordable prices for all our valued customers.

Give Your Car A Brand New Look

Want your car to be gleaming and shiny again? Why not pamper your trusty car with a total make over with our interior detailing and exterior grooming package? Get in touch with us right away and give your car a brand new look!

If you’re unsure about the needs of your car, please feel free to contact our friendly customer service. Get a no-obligations quotation from us now!

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