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At Car Grooming Xpert, we care about your car interior as much as the exterior. We want your car not only to look great, but clean and comfortable to drive as well.
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Trusted Car Interior Protection in Singapore

What Is Car Interior Protection?

Car interior protection is one of the procedures in car detailing or auto detailing. It is a term to emphasise not just cleaning and polishing, but also protecting the interior parts of your car. Most car detailing shops offer such services. Car interior protection involves a deep cleaning of the entire interior cabin as well as using products to fully protect it from future damage.

Automobile interiors have a variety of materials used inside the cabin. It may be vinyl, leather, natural fibres, carbon fibres, plastics and others. This is why different techniques and products have to be used to address the different materials of your car interior. For example, a variety of brushes help clean gaps and spaces in the vent.

The general practice of car interior protection is conditioning and polishing with products that contain protectants to ensure the vehicle is kept in as good a condition as possible. This not only helps to keep much of a vehicle’s original value, the car owner also feels proud, happy and comfortable driving a shiny well-maintained car.


Protecting Vinyl And Plastic Parts

Vinyl and plastic are the most durable interior materials of all. They need frequent cleaning because the vinyl and plastic surfaces generate static and attract dust easily, especially near the dashboard, console and door panels of your car. As a result, the vinyl and plastic become dusty and grimy.

But surface cleaning is not enough. These materials should be polished and conditioned using high quality products too. Continual exposure to strong sunlight can lead to fading and cracking of the dashboard if it is not treated with protectant regularly.

To prevent degradation is actually quite easy if you consistently and continually maintain the vinyl and plastic surfaces of your car. Remember, regular maintenance is key!

Leather Upholstery Protection

The leather of your car is one thing that should be given extra care and protection. There are many factors that can damage the leather parts of your car. One potent threat is the sun’s UV rays. Discolouration and fading can occur if your leather upholstery is not well-protected with products that contains UV protection. This can also cause brittleness for the leather which leads to unexpected peeling and cracking of the leather.

Additionally, oil from your skin, perspiration, grease from your lotion, perfume, and other products can all add to a build up of dirt and grime which can damage the leather as well as create permanent stains.

Simply vacuuming and wiping down your leather upholstery is not enough.  Your leather needs extra protection in the form of a protectant that will create a barrier which helps the leather resist water, staining and dirt penetration. It not only prevents premature aging, this protective shield also keeps your leather looking supple and lustrous.

Detailing The Vents And Grills

Interior detailing also includes dusting and cleaning out the vents and grills. There are a variety of tools that can be used, for example a small brush and compressed air. Vents can get very filthy. A good vinyl cleaner and protectant, works well on a foam swab to clean and beautify vents and speaker grilles.


Door Panels & Jambs

Door panels are often made of different materials like fabric, vinyl, carpet and leather. Vinyl is prone to shoe scuffs. Removing these consume a lot of time. But we can assure you that with specialised interior vinyl and plastic cleaners, not only can we remove stubborn shoe scuffs, we can also protect your door panels and door jambs.

Our meticulous professionals will carefully detail everything without exception – the door handles, pulls and window cranks. After cleaning all the dirt and grease, we ensure that polishing will be done with the best products. Whether it is fabric, vinyl or leather, protectants will be used to treat the surface so as to reduce future staining and fading of the material.


Is Car Interior Protection Worth It?

Of course! We spend a great deal of our time sitting in our car, putting on make up, eating and drinking in our car – so it makes absolute sense to clean up any crumbs, spills or stains after our activities. It is not just your car exterior that matters, a clean and gleaming car interior is also more appealing and inviting to both the driver and passengers.

You definitely want your kids to play, sleep or watch DVD in a hygienic and comfortable environment. That said, regular maintenance of your car interior does require time and effort. The good news is now, you can outsource this task to professional car grooming service providers.

We at Car Grooming Xpert offer you the best quality car grooming and protection services that your car needs. Choose from a wide variety of reasonably priced solutions and let our experts handle the rest for you.


Why Choose Us?

With many years of experience behind us, we are a pro in the car grooming industry. Our proficient veterans are skilful in making your car look good like never before, using only premium quality products and equipment.

With our competent experts taking care of your car’s interior and exterior detailing and protection, you can be sure your car is in safe hands. In addition, because we do not use inferior products on your car, you can actually save a great deal in the long run as you don’t have to keep going back to a car groomer to re-apply the protectants.

We always strive to provide the best value to our loyal customers and we want to make sure you are consistently happy with our services. Periodically, we will reward our loyal customers with discounts, coupons, and special services.


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Your vehicle is our passion. Car interior protection is no longer a daunting task when left to the seasoned professionals. Trust Car Grooming Xpert to provide long-lasting protection for your car today!

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