Car Underbody Protection

Undercoating protects your vehicle’s undercarriage, ensuring the most exposed part of your vehicle is safe from harmful corrosion, rust and damage.
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Car Underbody Protection Singapore

Your vehicle, be it a necessity or a prized-possession, should be well maintained to ensure its efficiency and durability. Although the engine parts are important to optimise performance on the road, the exterior especially the underbody is equally important.

While car owners polish and wax their car regularly to ensure it looks clean and new, they often neglect or forget about the car’s underbody. Oftentimes, rust formed on the bottom side of our car goes unnoticed – simply because it is out of sight.

Underbody protection will increase the manufacturing price of a car. So in order to compete in the market, car manufacturers will usually ignore the underbody protection step. However, severe corrosion and rusting can damage the underbody and burn a bigger hole in your wallet to fix it.

Prevention is better than cure. Choose to invest in a protective layer for your undercarriage beforehand. The undercoat is best applied when the vehicle is still new. But used cars should not neglect this protection too because it will prevent the rust from spreading further.

Underbody Damage

In countries that experience winter, the major culprit of underbody rust is the salt that is used to melt the snow on roads. In tropical countries like Singapore, it is the humidity that stimulates the rusting process. Being a small Island surrounded by the sea, salt from the sea breeze will act as a catalyst to speed up the corrosion process.

Besides, the thin layer of corrosion-protective coating can be scrapped off easily when carelessly driving over a speed breaker (road humps) or big and deep potholes. Other possible factors include accidentally driving over small stones, sharp objects or shattered glass.

Reasons To Protect Your Car Undercarriage

Since your car is a heavy investment, you might want to preserve it if you plan to use it for a long period of time. Even if it is for the short term, you have to consider its resale value. Cars with signs of rust tend to have a lower value than the rest. Not just because of the car’s aesthetic, but buyers are also worried about the extent of damage caused by the rust, which may compromise the car’s structure and crash integrity.

By applying a thick elastic coating which covers the whole underbody, which is one of the few types of undercoating in the market, it can act as a shield from stone chips caused by sharp stones on the road when it hits the underbody. Moreover, the thick elastic coating can also reduce the noise inside the car, acting as a sound insulator by reducing the vibration of the metal sheets.

Steps To Coat Car Underbody

  • Clean The Underbody

Firstly, we will place your car up on a hoist and clean the underbody. This will be done using a degreaser to remove any dirt stuck on the undercarriage. Then, sandpaper will be used to sand off the remaining stubborn rust.

  • Paint And Prime

We will then prime the rust-free cleaned area and paint it with black automotive paint.

  • Undercoat

Two layers of desired coating will be applied to the underbody. Allow the first layer to dry before applying the second layer. Leave to dry overnight.

Underbody coating can damage the car if not done properly. There is a possibility that the rubberised paint will seep into the moving mechanical parts and disrupt the smoothness of the suspension components.

Types Of Undercoating

  • Electronic Method

This method uses weak electric current to stop the corroding effects of rust. It is one of the more expensive methods but not as effective as oil spray.

  • Undercoating Method

This method involves spraying the exposed part of the underbody with a tar-based substance, which will harden and act as a shield to keep out moisture, salt, and other contaminants.

  • Dripless Oil Spray

This method sprays a wax-like substance onto the entire body of the vehicle. Its high viscosity however prevents it from reaching into the nooks and crannies of the underbody.

  • Drip Oil Spray

The most common and preferred method among all. Upon application, the oil spray continues to drip until dry, taking up to 48 hours to dry completely.

Handled By The Car Experts

At Car Grooming Xpert, you can rest assured that your vehicles will only be handled by the trained professionals. We guarantee that your vehicle is treated like ours. We provide not only services for the exterior but also the interior because we believe that every little detail matters.

We also offer car wash and polishing services. You can have your underbody coated, exterior washed and polished, and the interior vacuumed, all at one convenient stop.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your car grooming and protection requirements. We are always ready to cater to your needs with our reasonably priced professional services. Book an appointment with us today!

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