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Car Treatment Protection In Singapore

We often feel the need to pamper ourselves once in a while after a long period of hard work. There are hair treatments, spa treatments, facials, manicures, pedicures and full body massages for us to choose from. Just like humans, our hardworking cars deserve some pampering as well.

Like what they usually say, you are what you eat; your car’s condition also largely depends on how you treat it. In fact, it is fairly easy to differentiate between a well loved car and a poorly maintained one, simply by observing little details like the watermarks on the paintwork, swirl marks on dull paint, rusty undercarriage, cracked leather upholstery or stains on the carpet.

Types Of Treatments

At Car Grooming Xpert, we offer you a whole range of car treatments to satisfy your every need – from exterior protection, to interior detailing. You can always mix and match the types of treatment or protection service however you prefer.

Here are some of our more popular services:

Car Exterior

Protective Layers

Be it a new vehicle with flawless paintwork or one with minor scratches, we recommend coating it with a transparent protective layer to shield the metal from the sun’s intense UV rays, oxidisation, bird droppings, tree sap, acid rain, and other surface contaminants.

In most countries, air pollution as a result of rapid industrialisation has contributed to acid rain. Without proper protection, acid rain can easily corrode your car paint and cause rusting.

Polishing And Waxing

For both new and seasoned cars, besides the protective layer, we also provide polishing and waxing services to give your car exterior the seductive glossy finish. Polishing your car will also remove any minor scratches or swirl marks that can be an eyesore, especially when the car is your prized possession.

Water Repellent Coating

In Singapore where there is rain and sunshine all year round, applying a thin water repellent film on the windshield can be very helpful. It helps us to see better during rainy days. Turning on the wipers can sometimes blur our vision further, especially during heavy downpours, because the rain water tend to smudge all over our windscreen.

It is like a bokeh filter that you do not need during a bad rainy day. With the water repellent film installed, rain droplets will be repelled off our windscreen and windows. Even if they stay on the screen, they remain in the form of water droplets which will roll off the glass easily.

Tyres And Rims

Dreading to wash your car tyres and rims whenever you wash your car? Yes! Because the wheels are on the road all the time, they accumulate a great deal of grime, stubborn dirt and grease which often just refuse to budge with normal washing.

No worries! Send it over to Car Grooming Xpert. You can include this in your car treatment package and leave the dirty work to us.

Car Engine Treatment

There is no doubt that the engine is the heart of the car. Treating your engine can improve your mileage by reducing the friction in the engine.

Car Interior

Leather Upholstery Cleaning And Conditioning

Although leather car seats are easier to maintain than fabric upholstery, they should not be taken for granted. Leather though tough, is still prone to spills, stains, wear and tear if not properly taken care of.

With prolonged exposure to the hot sun, grime and dirt, our leather upholstery can dry up, fade and age prematurely. If not cleaned and conditioned regularly, the leather will lose its shine and moisture which will then lead to cracking and tearing.

Carpet Vacuuming And Shampooing

Of course, how would a cleaning and treatment session be complete without vacuuming your car’s interior? When we step into our car, the dirt, soil and contaminants stuck onto our shoes will be transferred to our car mats and carpets. Besides vacuuming and shampooing your carpets thoroughly, we also offer to wash and clean your rubber mats.

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