Car Stone Chip Protection

A stone chip is all it takes for rust to start corroding your vehicle. Before it is too late, shield your car with our stone chip protection service.
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Car Stone Chip Protection

To quote Promethus: Big things have small beginnings.

A stone chip is all it takes for rust to start corroding your vehicle. If ignored, the stone chip will cause the exposed metal to be vulnerable and start rusting. It will grow bigger in diameter over time and corrode a bigger surface of your car. They might be small, but they sure are nasty. Therefore, it is important not to take this matter lightly.

Causes O
f Stone Chips

A stone chip or a paint chip, is a small chip of the paint or the metal surface of your car. They are usually caused by loose rocks and debris on the road. Or an accident either by bumping your car into another car, or vice versa. Or you might have knocked into an object like a pillar.

The depth of the stone chip is determined by the speed of the vehicle on the road. The faster the speed, the bigger the impact, the deeper the penetration. They usually occur at the bonnet and the bumper of the car, near the grill and headlights.

Loose Rocks And Debris

  • It is common to find loose rocks, gravel and debris near various construction sites.
  • Loose stones and rocks are also abundantly found when you drive by road repair sites or on a freshly tarred road.
  • When you tailgate or follow too closely to the vehicle in front of you, you may get hit by the stones kicked up from the road by the tyres of other vehicles.

Hence in order to reduce stone chips, try to keep some distance between yourself and other cars, and do not drive too close to construction sites or areas carrying out road works.

Shattered Glass And Metal Shards

  • Accident scenes when not cleaned properly, can leave behind shattered glass and metal shards on the road which can also cause stone chips to passing vehicles.


  • When there is a minor accident, most vehicles will experience dents, stone chips, scratches and scuffs. If these penetrate through your car paint, they will be prone to rust.

Stone Chip Protection

Stone chips repair can be time consuming depending on your skills and the desired outcome. If you are doing it for the first time, it will take more time than usual to perfect it. It takes practice to ensure that the paint is not too obvious after application.

A larger chip that is already rusty will take more effort to handle as it requires an extra step to clean the rust. If the rust is not removed completely, it will prevent the paint from adhering properly and cause rust to continue corroding the underlying metal.

If your car is still new and free from stone chips, congratulations! By adding a stone chip protective layer, you are adding a shield to your car, not only from stone chips, but also from scratches and scuffs. Since it is transparent, it would not affect your car’s aesthetic, acting like an invisible shield.

Stone chip protection can come in the form of a stone chip aerosol spray, or a paint protection film.

Stone Chip Proofing By Specialists

If you think that DIY is too troublesome, head over to Car Grooming Xpert. We provide unrivalled stone chip protection services, carried out by our team of car specialists. We have leveraged our technical capability and ample experience to offer viable stone chip proofing solutions, according to the unique needs of our clients.

As a one stop car service provider, you can also book an appointment to get your car washed, polished and waxed after you are done with the stone chip protection. We even provide conditioning for your car leather, rain repellant treatment for your windscreen and mobile car grooming services.

Your vehicle is bombarded with stones, rocks and debris at high speed daily. Getting rid of these stone chips is like getting rid of the weeds in your garden. It is always better to fix it before it gets out of hand.

Preserve the showroom quality finish of your vehicle with our stone chip protection solutions. Call us now!

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