Car Rust Protection

Protect your car from rust and corrosion with our anti-rust treatment. Not just that, keep the coated area from chipping due to stones or sharp objects.
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Car Rust Protection

There are several debates online regarding whether or not to rustproof your car. Well, of course you should! Ever wandered into a scrapyard of rusty, sad-looking cars? This could be the future of your car if you ignore rust protection of your car.

Importance Of Car Rust Protection

Rust forms when exposed car metal comes into contact with ambient air and water. Salt is usually the catalyst. Unlike temperate climate countries where salt is spread on snow covered roads to melt the snow for safer driving, being a tropical country with high humidity, Singapore does not have salt covered roads.

However, Singapore is a small island surrounded by the sea, which means most of the air we breathe in contains salt brought in by the sea breeze. Salt in the air does little to no harm to our health, but to cars, it spells trouble.

Rust can spread like wildfire. It can be contained if you notice it early and treat it speedily. But for areas like the underbody of the car, it often goes unnoticed. Vehicle-to-vehicle, or vehicle-to-object collision will also cause the paint to scrape off and expose the underlying metal panel, thus leading to rusting and corrosion. Stone chips at the front and bonnet of your car can easily rust and cause further damage.

Once the rust corrodes the metal, the damage is permanent. The least that you can do to save it is to prevent the rust from spreading further. Therefore, you are highly encouraged to undercoat or rustproof your new ride upon purchase, before the car even hits the road. Furthermore, undercoats and rustproof protection adhere best to surfaces which are dust-free and grease-free.

Types Of Car Rust Protection

At Car Grooming Xpert, we aim to ease your worries by providing car rust solutions alongside other protection services such car paintwork protection, car leather protection, car vinyl protection and more.

The most effective and commonly used rust proofing products in the market are wax and oil-based undercoats. The oil stops the rust and corrosion, and the wax prevents the oil from being washed off. These products are safe to handle, easy to apply and make great rust protectants.

For instance the drip oil spray is mineral based, therefore it can easily coat the hard to reach surfaces such as the folds, door seams, joints and gaps between metal sheets. This should be done annually as the protection will wear off over time and with frequent use.

Another option would be the sealants. Even though this is a one-time application, it is less preferred by the public and even the professionals because of its nature. Sealants are tar-based, which means that they would not be able to reach the deeper sides of the metal folds, where rusting tend to start.

You can also opt for a transparent paint stone chip protective layer, which doubles as a rust proof layer covering the entire area of the car. It acts as a shield from stone chips which are often caused by the loose rocks on the road.

Affordable Services Under One Roof

Prevention is better than cure. For peace of mind, get your vehicle protected from the damaging effects of rust and corrosion with our affordable rust protection solutions.

Our team of experienced technicians also provide services such as engine cleaning, interior detailing and exterior polishing. Simply make an appointment with our friendly customer care, and leave the rest to us.

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