Car Exterior Plastic Protection

Constant exposure to UV rays will cause your exterior plastic surfaces to look dull, dry out and crack. Let us revitalise and bring the dark sheen back for you!
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Car Exterior Plastic Protection

When detailing a vehicle, the most common areas we pay attention to would be: washing, polishing and waxing the exterior to retain that glossy shine, scrubbing the tyre rims till squeaky clean, vacuuming and cleaning every nook and cranny of the interior, including the upholstery and carpet.

Car owners tend to leave out one important aspect that would affect the visual of their car over time – the exterior plastic surfaces of their car. These include the mouldings, trimmings, bumpers, mud guards, door handles, and mirror housings which are normally deep black in colour.

Causes Of Car Exterior Plastic Disintegration

Although made a hundred times more durable than common plastic to withstand the harsh weather, the plastic rim of the car is still prone to disintegration over time. Being one the countries nearest to the equator, Singapore’s climate consists of sunshine and rain all year round. The sun’s scorching heat, intense brightness and strong UV rays can be unbearable. Not forgetting rain so heavy that you can hardly see the road ahead when driving.

Even if the car exterior plastic is designed to be tough, constant exposure to UV rays, heat and other environmental elements will still take its toll, turning the sleek black shiny trim into a dull grey, before turning chalky over time. In serious cases, the plastic dries out, turns brittle and cracks.

Washing the car with strong detergents also speeds up the damage of the car’s exterior plastic. Though strong detergents are effective in getting rid of stubborn stains, grime and dirt, not all are suitable for automobile use. The key thing is to use a suitable cleaning agent so that it does not corrode the car paint or any protective layer.

Exterior plastic parts also include the bumper, car windscreen wipers, the window and door mouldings of the car. For plastic rubbers, over exposure to UV rays and rain will cause it to harden and lose its elasticity. Car wipers would not function efficiently and noise insulation will also be less effective.

Let Us Rejuvenate Your Exterior Plastic

From revitalising your dull and faded car exterior plastic, to restoring it back to its natural supple state, you can leave the task to us at Car Grooming Xpert.

To prevent further deterioration of the plastic, our team of car specialists will choose carefully from an array of protectants aimed at restoring the dark sheen of these exterior areas. The protectant also act as a nourishing agent for exterior plastic surfaces, hence extending their lifespan.

For coarse rubber and textured plastic, a black dye that contains UV protectants is used. As for clear plastics like the headlamps, it will be coated with a plastic protectant to give it a clear finish.

Restore And Protect Car Exterior Plastic 

Don’t let the exterior plastic surfaces of your car age before their time. Banish faded finishes, dull surfaces and cracks from them now! Let our experienced car groomers help you restore their natural beauty and protect them from further damage by the harsh environmental elements.

If you would like to save another trip to get your car thoroughly washed, polished and waxed, you can always make arrangements with us as Car Grooming Xpert is your one stop car grooming service provider.

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