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Car Exterior Protection In Singapore

In car detailing, the exterior of your car is just as important as the interior of your car. Often, improper washing techniques and poor maintenance result in swirl marks, scratches and discolouration of the paint. Furthermore, the sun’s UV radiation, rusting, oxidation of the surface, tree sap and bird droppings can chemically erode the painted surfaces of your car body.

It is not only about the degradation of the exterior paintwork. But also of streaky windscreen and glass windows, constantly foggy headlights, faded black trims and carbon-caked exhaust tips.

Worried? Fret not, because Car Grooming Xpert can help with all your car exterior problems as we have the most comprehensive car protection services in Singapore.

Protect Black Trims Of Your Car

The black trimmings of your car can easily fade and turn dull when they are not cared for properly. What is shiny, flawless paintwork if you have faded and dull black trims on your car? It is a major turn-off for car lovers!

Not all cars are created equal when it comes to cleaning, waxing, and detailing. Excessive use of vinyl stickers and wax can also damage your black trim parts. Car Grooming Xpert ensures only the best products are used to protect all black vinyl trimmings of your car for long lasting protection. Thus you don’t have to spend your money on cheap protectants or wax so frequently.

Treating Foggy Headlights & Tail Lamps

Foggy headlights can be a pain when you are driving late at night or in heavy rain, causing unwanted accidents to happen. Most headlights nowadays are made of polycarbonate plastic. This type of plastic is durable and scratch-resistant. However, polycarbonate easily clouds over, as a result of excessive UV rays degrading the outer plastic layer.

If your headlights and tail lamps are not shining quite like they used to, come to us. Car Grooming Xpert provides an effective way to get rid of cloudy and foggy headlights without spending thousands of dollars to replace your headlights for new ones. Treating with products such as a UV sealant can protect your headlights from hazing for years.

Cleaning & Protecting Exhaust Tips

Loud and fast cars are unbelievably exciting. But exhaust soot? Not so much. Exhaust soot is typically unburnt fuel released during engine combustion, resulting in black carbon buildup that can be a challenge to remove.

Exhaust tips should be cleaned frequently to prevent the risk of corrosion and discolouration. This also helps to maintain the efficiency of your car exhaust system.

Cleaning exhaust pipes is a never ending task. As soon as you start your car, the carbon buildup begins again. But with the right metal coating and sealant, you will have no problems cleaning and maintaining your exhaust tips in future.

Windscreen, Windows & Glass Protection

For a safer driving experience, the vehicle’s windscreen, windows and mirrors require regular cleaning and protection to maintain the driver’s visibility. There are a lot of protective coatings to choose from. Here we highlight 3 of the most common coatings.

The most widely used glass coating in the auto industry is the anti-fog glass coating. Normal glass windows without the anti-fog coating can easily mist up each time there is a change of temperature and condensation blocks the driver’s view.

Other than that, the ultraviolet ray protection coating has also become an essential car window maintenance tool nowadays. This protective coating helps to reduce premature aging of the car and the probability of skin cancer in humans.

Then there is the anti-scratch coating. Glass windows and windscreens are often exposed to dust, debris, rocks, gravel and other objects that can cause scratches on the glass, especially when the car is cruising at high speeds.

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