Long Lasting Tyre Shine & Protection

At Car Grooming Xpert, our tyre shining service is not merely making your car look good. It also helps protect your tyres from the damaging effects of UV light.
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Quality Tyre Shine In Singapore

What is better than a freshly washed ride, with sparkling clean exterior and a thoroughly vacuumed interior? How about a set of jet black wheels and sparkling rims!

Shining your tyres not just improves the appearance of your tyres, it also completes and compliments the servicing and cleaning of your vehicles.

Tyre Shining Protects Your Tyres

Tyres are important to the overall appearance of a well-detailed vehicle. Given that tyres are in continuous contact with the road and suffer from adverse effects of road tar, dirt, grime, water, salt, brake dust, grease, ultra violet radiation and oxygen, it is understandable that they require great care to maintain their performance.

Tyre shining will protect your tyre from weathering and cracking, and even removes corrosion and protects your wheel’s finish from the elements.

How Tyre Shining Is Done

The process of getting the best tyre shine takes a few steps, involves a few products and a lot of hard work. Tyre shining can be done by using either water-based or oil-based solvent. Whichever product you prefer – we ensure that it will protect your tyres and give them a lustrous finish.

The tyre shining process begins by cleaning your tyres from all the dust and dirt accumulated from your travels. This is done so that all product applications will be done to a clean surface.

At this stage, the use of a mild cleaner is recommended. Aluminium and chrome wheels can endure a stronger cleaner unlike painted or anodised wheels that need a milder cleaning product. The tyres are then coated with a protective layer which will preserve your rubber from damage due to adverse weather conditions.

The finish can be adjusted by altering the application to your preferred finish; ranging from a glossy finish if left untouched, to a subtle satin finish if buffed. This will make your tyres look like new and can last through several wet dries for a lasting shine.

Choice Of Products For Your Tyres

Tyre shining can be achieved by using different types of products. Whether it is a spray or gel, water or oil based product – the goal is to settle for a formula that contains polymers that bond to the tyre, nourish the rubber and make your tyres look like new again.

Tyre dressing is the best way to keep your tyres looking sharp. Whether you’re looking to land that interview, or to impress your business associates when you park your car on the golf course or on the sidewalk, remember that shiny tyres and sparkling rims do matter!

Drive Off With Shiny Tyres

Remember, it’s not all for show. Regular treatment with a tyre shine keeps the tyre rubber supple, and slows down the damaging effects of ultra-violet rays that could cause cracking and premature failure of your tyres. Given Singapore’s rainy weather, trust our team of car grooming experts to deliver professional tyre shining service that allows your tyres to endure our wet climate. You will no longer worry about the cracking, fading, and hardening of your tyres.

Our professional team of friendly staff will guide you during the consultation process.  Feel free to specify the level of shine you want to achieve. If your tyres aren’t shiny yet, look no further. Engage Car Grooming Xpert’s premium tyre shining service and drive off with showroom-worthy tyres today!

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