Remove Scratches From Car Paint

Can’t stand those unsightly scratches, marks and other blemishes on your precious car? Fret not.
Call us and let our experienced car groomers remove and smooth them out for you!

Remove Scratches From Car Singapore

“Oh no, not another scratch!” You sighed when you found another deep scratch (and some marks) on your car door upon collecting your vehicle from the roadside. A biker probably rode too close, or a passerby’s bag may have brushed across your door and gave your car a “nice” souvenir.

Hateful Scratches

As car owners, we are often plagued by unwanted scratches, scrapes and marks caused by all sorts of incidents. These can be caused by agitated stones when another vehicle passes by or rust spots breaking through your car’s paintwork.

Also, if you do not remove the layer of dirt and surface contaminants with regular car washing, when the rain comes, rain water will actually drag these surface contaminants across your car’s paintwork and cause scratches and marks.

We want our cars to look beautiful and shiny, not full of peeling paint, exposed rust spots and scratch marks. They make your car look like it’s been used for a century (we’re exaggerating but you get the idea). Imagine what people would think when they look at our cars. Imagine what you would feel when you look at your own car. Will you feel embarrassed by the condition of your car?

The good news is – most car scratches and imperfections can actually be removed! And what’s even better is that it can be done here in Singapore and not some faraway land.

Treat Paint Scratches ASAP

Don’t wait to treat your paint scratches! It’s best to treat them as soon as possible. Because if left un-repaired, they may spread to the inner, deeper layers of your car paintwork and worsen. It’ll be so much more expensive to fix them by the time your paint reaches that condition. By then, you may need to get your whole car resprayed!

Your car has 4 layers – clear coat, base coat, primer and finally the metal of your car. It is better to assess the impact of the damage as soon as possible – whether it has reached your vehicle’s body or only the clear coat has been affected. This helps to determine how much fixing is needed.

Scratch Removal Process

The scratch removal process is similar to how we treat a wound on our body. First, we need to wash the affected area to ensure no dirt or dust is there to cause further damage to your car’s exterior. After that, the area around the abrasion is sanded to smoothen the affected area. Sometimes the surface of your vehicle is also scuffed to allow a rough surface for the paint to stick to easily if the scratch is very deep.

Touch up paint is then applied to the affected area. Before applying, we will make sure that the touch up paint matches the colour of your vehicle. The clear coat is reapplied after the paint is dried, which may take a few days. Buffing compound is applied and buffed. Lastly, wax is applied as the topmost coating for that finishing shine.

Note that this is only a simplified version of how scratches are removed to allow easier understanding. There are more steps to be done and completing the whole process is not as easy as described.

We Want To Help

We love seeing happy car owners gush about their gleaming cars, flawless after our experts are done with the entire scratch removal process. Their wide smiles, shiny eyes and grateful words of appreciation make all our hard work worth it.

To add on to that, we hate scratches too! That’s why we’re here to remove them for you. Our team are fully aware that not everyone has the knowledge, expertise or time to remove scratches from his/her car. After assessing your car’s condition, they will patiently explain your options to you, and recommend the most cost-effective solution for your car. Our friendly consultants will tend to your worries and make sure your doubts are cleared.

With their ample experience, our car groomers are best in their field. They can always be relied on to give outstanding results. They use only the best products as they believe no car should deserve less. They’ll ensure that the whole restoration process is carried out in a responsible and safe manner.

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No one likes scratches so if you’ve been meaning to remove them from your car, come to us and we’ll do it for you efficiently. All you have to do is sit back, relax and leave everything to our expert technicians. Now you will have more time to focus on more important matters like spending valuable time with your family and friends.

Besides our scratch removal service, our other popular services include mobile car washing, car polishing, interior car detailing and exterior car grooming. You can find our other services at Do contact us if you’re unsure of which service to choose. We are at your service!

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