Rain Repellent Glass Treatment

Ease your worries of driving in rainy conditions by treating your windscreen with rain repellent to allow for better vision and safer driving.
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Rain Repellent Glass Treatment Singapore

Driving Blind Is Scary

As we all know, Singapore can get quite rainy, especially during the monsoon season. Most people hate driving in the rain and would rather stay home for fear of traffic jams and car accidents. The latter is normally due to slippery roads and poor visibility, especially during heavy downpour.

According to some people, they were practically driving blind when the rain became too heavy (practically a storm). Wipers did not help at all in those situations – all they saw was a haze. It is like crossing a bustling road blindfolded. Isn’t that really dangerous and scary?

“Safety comes first.” This saying has been drummed into the back of our minds since we were children. Obviously, driving under conditions described above is not recommended. So what can we do about it?

The Benefits Of Treating Your Glass

The answer lies in getting proper rain repellent glass treatment for your car. After having your windscreen treated with rain repellent, rain will bead up and run off your windscreen instead of sticking onto your windscreen and creating a blurry image of the road. Rain repellent seals the glass to repel water thus allowing a clear view of the road. Watermarks can also be reduced with this treatment.

Another amazing thing about having your glass treated with rain repellent is that it diminishes the glare from headlights and streetlights in the rain, especially during the night. This significantly reduces the risk of traffic accidents as there is less interference with your vision when driving.

Rain repellent glass also allows easier cleaning of your windscreen. All dirt, debris and grime can be cleared off easily. A clean windscreen can now be achieved as easily as ABC. This is like hitting multiple birds with one stone just with the application of rain repellent.

Aquapel Glass Treatment Product

Just as our name Car Grooming Xpert suggests, we are good at what we do and we always use the best quality products. In this case, Aquapel Glass Treatment wins the deal. As it binds to the glass, it is long lasting and thus reduces the need for frequent application. It can last up to months under normal driving conditions. Washing will not affect it much, thus contributing to its durability.

After cleaning and drying the windscreen, we apply Aquapel onto your windscreen by using an applicator. Holding it by the wings, we place the pad on the glass and release Aquapel by pressing its wings. We then wipe it over the glass, coating the glass and allowing it to form chemical bonds with the glass.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? However, all these require skills and technique for the best auto glass treatment effect.

Only The Best Service Rendered

Skills, technique and knowledge are important requirements we look for when hiring our team of car groomers. Therefore, do not worry as we have everything that is required to offer the best service to you.

Our experienced and reliable technicians will make sure that the rain repellent is carefully applied onto your car’s windscreen and care for your car to the fullest. Our men are passionate about their work and patient with customers, as we fully understand that the best results can only be produced if there is good communication between both parties.

The car grooming services that we offer are priced affordably to match your car care needs and not burn a hole in your pocket. Our superior quality products provide long lasting protection for your car, and we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with our workmanship.

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Stop driving blindly in the rain – it is better to be safe than sorry. Hesitate no more, get your windscreen professionally treated now.  We care for your safety, so feel free to contact us for our effective rain repellent glass treatment today!

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