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Headlight Restoration In Singapore

Besides the benefits of increased safety when driving at night, restoring your vehicle’s headlights can transform their appearance from cloudy to clear in no time.

Studies have shown that we lose 30% of our vision and depth perception at night. And restoring your car headlights to their original clarity will improve your visibility when driving after dark.

Headlight restoration is a very cost effective solution, as compared to the much higher cost of headlight replacement. By doing our part to keep the old headlights out of our landfills, we are being environmentally friendly too.

How To Restore Headlights In Three Simple Steps

Step 1: Preparation And Sanding

Preparing the headlights for cleaning is an important part of the restoration process. The area around the headlights is taped, to avoid spilling of the cleaning compounds.

The headlights are then detached and are gritted with sand paper. The sanding process is repeated using different consistencies of sandpaper until a uniform finish is achieved, and the headlight is beginning to clear up (but only slightly). This is done to remove all the impurities that would have accumulated on the headlights and any oxidised build up on them.

Step 2: Cleaning

Secondly, the headlights are cleaned thoroughly using unique cleaning compounds and appropriate machinery. This stage requires the use of an expert tool kit to ensure that all the foggy and hazy particles are expelled. This is done to reverse any damage from UV rays or any other adverse weather conditions.

More polishing is done to the entire headlight, using more compound if needed. The headlights should begin to shine at this stage. After the cleaning is finished, the aim now is to protect the headlights from returning to how they were before.

Step 3: Finishing And Coating

To ensure that all the cleaning compounds are full removed after cleaning, a urethane mixture is used to wipe them again. The urethane mixture is necessary to remove the remaining products and to prevent future build up.

To complete the process, a clear coat is applied. The clear coat helps to add the finishing touch on the headlight, as well as seal up the headlight for protection. The coating takes up to 4 hours to dry. After the coating has dried, your car is officially roadworthy with your shiny like-new headlights. More importantly, you can now see the road clearly at night.


Professional Headlight Restoration

We provide professional headlight restoration services in Singapore. Our team of seasoned car groomers will help to improve the efficiency of your headlights, improve your vehicle’s appearance, keep the lights cooler, and help you drive safer at night.

Our headlight restoration and other car grooming services are fast and efficient, guaranteed to maintain your vehicle’s market value. Our friendly yet professional staff will advise you regarding the condition of your vehicle headlights.

Drive Safely With Clear Headlights

Trust Car Grooming Xpert for expert services and prompt delivery. We use the best cleaning compounds in the market. Together with  our specialist cleaning tools, we will give your lights an impeccable finish, allowing you to drive safely in Singapore and beyond.

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