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Do not underestimate the importance of your dashboard as it is the control panel of your car. Allow our pro car groomers to restore your dash and console for you.
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Dashboard Restoration Singapore

Importance Of Your Dashboard

What is a car dashboard? This is a simple question yet it leaves quite a few people dumbfounded. Well, your car dashboard is located right at the front of your vehicle’s interior. It includes the steering wheel, speedometer, tachometer, petrol gauge, air conditioning and various warning lights.

These are all important instruments and displays for us to know what is going on with our car, and for controlling our car while on the road. Thus, our car dashboard is our control panel whereby important information about our car is conveyed to us to aid us in handling our car. If not properly maintained and cared for, we wouldn’t know if our car is malfunctioning or not.

The car dashboard also includes the upholstery where you place your accessories, decorations and tissue box. This upholstery is normally made of leather or vinyl. In most of the old cars, when the upholstery is worn out, the ends may start peeling and cracks may appear. Unappealing, isn’t it?


When Is Restoration Needed?

The car dashboard and console are often exposed to the sun, and this causes them to fade, age and dry out prematurely. Hence it is very important to clean and moisturise them regularly – just like our human skin.

Proper maintenance includes removing accumulated dirt and dust in the aircon vents, in-car speakers and control knobs on the console. This is followed by applying a protective dressing which not only conditions your leather, it also shields the leather or vinyl from further damage from the sun and surface contaminants. Some protectants even contain UV sunscreen which protects our leather and vinyl from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Dashboards rarely malfunction but there are times when some component(s) may start to function less effectively. If left unattended, you wouldn’t know what is going on with your car and this may even lead to unwanted road accidents. For instance if your petrol gauge malfunctions, it may not show the correct petrol level, leaving you to overestimate the amount of petrol in your tank.


Our Dedicated Team

Our pro car groomers are known for their excellent skills and expertise in car care. They love their work. They are diligent, dedicated and give the best that they can to all our valued clients.

Choosing Car Grooming Xpert to care for your car will never leave you unsatisfied or disappointed. Our team of professional car groomers understand that quality comes first. As such, we use only the best auto products when detailing your car dashboard.

Want to restore it to its glory days? No problem! We’ll spare no effort to ensure that every inch of your dashboard is cleaned and treated meticulously. We pay close attention to the minutest details and we ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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We humans need love and care and so do our cars! One of the most important car care routine is taking care of your car dashboard such that it remains good as new. Moreover we look at out dashboard and console more than anywhere within our car, naturally we will feel happy if they look clean, shiny and flawless.

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