Car Engine Cleaning Service

The engine is one of the most expensive parts of your car. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most overlooked areas to be cleaned, degreased and detailed.
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Trusted Car Engine Cleaning In Singapore

Is Your Engine Looking Grimy? 

Next to your paint, your auto engine is one of the most expensive parts of your car. Unfortunately, the auto engine compartment is also one of the most overlooked areas in a vehicle to be cleaned and degreased. It can trap leaves, hood jams, as well as dust and dirt residue.

Car engine cleaning service means shampooing the engine compartment with a powerful foaming de-greasing cleaner. It will remove oil and grease, and loosen all kinds of grime. A high-pressure spray rinses it off and takes away the built up grime, sand, salt and everything else that can accumulate in your engine bay.

Getting Ready For Engine Detailing

The first step is to remove the excess debris that gets trapped in the hood, grille, and vent openings. This can be done using compressed air or a simple brush.

The next step is very important – preparing the engine for a wet wash. All sensors, distributor, spark plug openings and any electrical devices that have the potential for water accumulation (which could cause a short) are covered. The engine environment should already be waterproof and ready for washing.

To loosen the grease accumulated on the engine and the engine compartment, the engine is started and allowed to warm for a few minutes. The best temperature for cleaning the engine is warm to the touch, but not hot.

Applying Engine Degreaser

After warming the engine and protecting the sensitive areas, it is ready for the engine degreaser. A good engine degreaser quickly cuts through grease and grime.

Instead of opting to use harsh petroleum-based cleaners in the engine compartment, a citrus or water based cleaner is used. Harsh products may degrade your rubber and vinyl components (not to mention what they do to our environment!). Citrus and water based cleaners are safe, environmentally friendly and makes great alternatives to those petroleum-based cleaners.

Apply the engine degreaser from the lower areas and work your way up. This prevents the degreaser from dripping onto other areas. The engine degreaser will remove the wax from the painted surfaces of your car, so if any areas are affected, they will need to be re-waxed.

Cleaning Up With Water

The degreaser can soak on the engine depending on the amount of accumulated grease.  The engine is monitored to ensure that all grime degreases uniformly and does not dry on the engine again. Once it has softened, the grime is brushed off using brushes or soft cloths.  Agitating the grease with a soft to medium bristle brush is the most efficient way to break up the grime during rinsing.

The entire engine compartment and surrounding surfaces are hosed down with plenty of water. This is done using a high-pressure nozzle, avoiding all covered electrical connectors.

Allow the engine to air dry a bit, before wiping down all the accessible parts and removing the protectors.

Engine Dressing

The final stage for a clean car engine that is detailed to perfection is to apply a dressing to the engine. An engine dressing not only creates a shiny and new appearance to your freshly cleaned engine, it also serves as a sacrificial layer for everyday dirt, dust and grime to attach to. This layer can then be easily washed off and reapplied.

Get Your Car Engine Cleaned By Experts

A 10-year-old vehicle doesn’t have to have an engine that looks 10 years old. After getting your engine professionally cleaned once, maintaining it with regular wipe-downs is much easier. Visit our acclaimed workshop now and drive off with a clean shiny engine.

Our team of professional technicians will assist to schedule a convenient session for your vehicle. We offer high quality premium services at reasonable prices, so do not hesitate to contact us. After we are done with it, your car engine will never be the same again!


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