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Professional Car Grooming Singapore

Solving Daily Car Worries

Does your heart ache when you see the paint peeling off your car due to exposure to the harsh elements daily? Does your mind wander to where your car is parked under the tree, worrying that bird droppings will cover it by the time you finish work? Do your brows furrow when you notice the scratch caused by that biker who came too close just now?

Do you always try to find time to clean and wax your car by yourself on weekends but had to postpone it again and again because you had more important matters to attend to? Or have you realised that no matter how hard you clean or polish your car, it still isn’t as clean or shiny as before?

Regular Maintenance And Proper Care

Like any other precious objects of yours, a car needs constant care and attention to maintain its look and performance. Otherwise, your car’s condition will deteriorate and its lifespan shortened. However, most people in Singapore are often too busy with work or may not have the necessary expertise and knowledge on car care, thus neglecting to maintain their car. They can only groan in exasperation when their car’s initial marvellous appearance has ceased to be. You wouldn’t want that, would you?

If you answered “yes” to all the questions we’ve raised just now, car grooming is your way out of this agony. The demand for car groomers has gone up rapidly in the past few years. Our guess is that more busy people like you need professional car grooming services and we are ever ready to offer our assistance.

What Is Car Grooming?

You may ask, “What is car grooming and what do professional car groomers actually do?”

To simplify things, car grooming is a process where thorough cleaning, finishing and restoration of an automobile is performed to exhibit showroom quality. It involves both exterior detailing and interior detailing.

Exterior detailing deals with the outer parts of your car, such as the paintwork, bumper, wheels, tyres, headlights and exhaust pipes. So this is when waxing, polishing, painting and cleaning are done. Interior detailing deals with the inner parts of your car, which includes your car seats, door panels, carpets, floor mats as well as the dashboard.

What Do Car Groomers Do?

After inspecting your vehicle for cleanliness and damage, professional car groomers will advise you on the types of detailing service your car requires to look its best. Their job scope includes vacuuming and shampooing a vehicle’s upholstery, roof lining and carpet to remove dirt, grime and debris. They also clean and polish the exterior of a vehicle which includes the wheels, exhaust tips, headlights and bumpers.

They provide the expertise needed to paint, wax or coat your car for better paint protection. Scratches here and there? Fret not, they also touch up your car’s paintwork so it’ll look good as new again.

In a nutshell, they groom your car to your satisfaction.

Car Grooming Pros

Here at Car Grooming Xpert, our team of car groomers are of pro level. As they handle a lot of expensive vehicles day in day out, they are trained to be extremely careful and attentive when on job. They have a wealth of experience and intimate knowledge in grooming solutions, cleaning agents, paints, protectants and other related auto products. Operating cleaning equipment as well as hand tools are also second nature to them.

Professionalism and a high level of attention to details was what attracted many customers to Car Grooming Xpert in the first place. Regardless of the car you sent in, we only use grooming products that are of the best quality.

Busy? No worries, we can do it at your home too! Book our mobile car grooming service and enjoy the convenience of professional car detailing right at your doorstep.

We want you to be proud of your car. We want others to be wowed by your car. That’s why we offer a wide range of car grooming services to transform your vehicle to showroom condition.

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Our Car Grooming Services

Car Wash

Quality car washing in Singapore that you can rely on to spruce up your car

Car Detailing

Trusted interior and exterior car detailing services in Singapore 

Car Polish

Give your car a show-room shine with our popular car polishing service 

Car Waxing

Professional car waxing at your doorstep from our skilful car groomers

Car Paint Protection

Professional car paint protection with top quality products from our car experts

Car Interior Cleaning

Car grooming is not only about exterior. Car interior cleaning is equally important

Mobile Car Grooming

Why are you driving your car all the way to the workshop for grooming?

Car Paint Touch Up

Need help to touch up problem areas of your car paintwork?

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